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Reasonable Accommodation From New Landlord

I have lived in the same apartment in California under Sec.8 HUD now for twenty years with no problems... until recently. The apartments have recently

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Legal - being sued by neighbor

I am a landlord and the homeowner next door is suing me for personal injury, claiming a leak from my property caused him to fall and break a leg on his

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Student approval?

Hi! To keep this short & sweet, I'm moving to Alabama for school. I won't have a job upon arrival, but I do want to rent my own off campus studio.

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New To The Wholesale Business

My partner and I recently joined the real estate business as wholesale sellers. It's been tough to find any deals. We're honestly looking for some

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Wife and I Are Just Starting Flipping Houses

We need investors to help us in Muskegon, Michigan to buy the houses that we found. We are doing wholesale right now but want to start flipping houses.

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remoldeling shower, bathroom

I was wondering, once I tear down the shower wall, and install the green board. I would like to use ceramic tile. My question to you is do I have to

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Old Window Frame

Hi, Where can I find a old window frame (home built in 1979) to replace 1 of the sliding window. Thanks Reply by Joe Trometer On the window, look

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What Makes An Ideal Kitchens

It is a mistake to suppose that any room, however small and unpleasantly situated, is “good enough” for a kitchen. This is the room where housekeepers

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Ruskaboy Holdings partners with Smart & Handy Renovations

Every once in a while a company forms with both the right talent and attitude to become successful. That is definitely the case of Smart & Handy Renovations

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Remodeling my own home (not investment) and receipts

I remodeled my own home almost ten years ago. I spent a great deal of money and my contractor at the time told me to keep may receipts because he thought

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Fireplace Inserts

I remodeled my home and removed my gas/wood burning fireplace insert. I would like to use it to create an outdoor fireplace. Would you suggest doing

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Ask The Rehabber about Do-It-Yourself Home Remodeling on Homes You Own

Ask the Rehabber for the real estate investor and creative home remodeling tips for the homeowner. Find, buy, remodel, sell, or rent - Any Time, Any Where, at almost Any Age. No Boss, No Customers, No Employees, No Interuptions, Rehabbing homes you own - Learn the Craft

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Balloon Payment is coming due. What Now!

Hi Joe, Four and a half years ago I used your Land Contract info to sell my single-family investment property. All has gone well and the buyer has been

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How Can I Find Contact Information of Rehabbers?

I am not a rehabber, and I don't intend becoming one, though I admire what they do. I have a full time job that I love, and I invest in real estate on

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Buying a Remodel House in Irvington, Or

My question is, after our home inspection we found the sewer connections need major repairs that builders agreed to repair. Then asking a contractor regarding

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Duplex Sound Abatement

Hi Joe, I see you have a duplex. Mine has thin walls which is causing stress for my tenants because they hear the normal living noises from the other

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Choosing a home to rehab and flip

My family is looking to flip a house and the realtor showed us a 40k dollar house where we would pay the seller 8k to assume the 40k dollar mortgage.

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repairs for wholesale deal

I am looking to make an offer on a distressed property in my area. The owner has agreed to show me around the property, but I have zero expertise in making

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Your Feedback On Roommate Rental Agreement

I'm a California homeowner. I'm renting out a room in my place and put together this 2 page month-to-month agreement. I'm trying to avoid bringing in

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Help! I Need A Good Rental Agreement

Hey gang! 1st time landlord here. I found a generic landlord-tenant agreement for California online and was planning on adapting it for Massachusetts.

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Title Insurance 101

Hey Joe, Here's another question for you about who pays for the Title Insurance? It is not really about rehabbing houses, but before I can rehab a house

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Hardwood Floor Stains

How can you remove tar like substance from wood floors? We have tried the vinegar and water stuff and Goo Be Gone. I still needs ideas about stain

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How To Save the Molding on a Lath and Plaster Remodel

I am buying a 1920's carpenter style house, it has beautiful wood trim but the lath and plaster is in bad shape and needs to be removed for wiring, plumbing,

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Buy and Sell Houses

Find the Buyer or Renter First! Then Buy and Sell Houses to meet the Supply and Demand. Don’t get stuck holding a vacant house...

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Bathroom Remodel Demolition

I'm looking to remodel my bathroom myself because the contractor I use says they have to gut my bathroom. My house isn't that old, built in 1991, and

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Best Long Term, Waterproof, Carefree, Bathtub and Surround Option

Could you advise me as to what would be the best long term, waterproof, carefree, bathtub and surround option? I have to redo my bath tub area (water

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Landlord Credit Reports

How to eliminate tenant worries with Landlord credit reports. To get continuous, on-time, rent payments, we must do our Due diligence (inspections) first.

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Buying A Bank Owned Home

It's a great time to buy Bank Owned Homes at deep discounted prices! As a real estate investor, bank owned properties are available at a substantially

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Rise in new jobs will increase demand for property in Detroit

World renowned car manufacturer, Chrysler is set to assemble its latest vehicle in production plants in Detroit, USA. Due to the lack of available, new

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Equity loans

I am a small contractor. I need equity loans for small remodel projects $10,000 to $50,000. Are there investors willing to invest in second mortgages?

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Seller Financing For The Rehabber

Land Contracts or Contracts for Deed... Use seller financing for the rehabber / real estate investor... Higher Profits, Higher Interest Rate Returns... "You give me price" - and - "I give you..."

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The Sell Land Contract Strategy

The sell land contract strategy... Home Sold! No bank financing, mortgage fees, and a quick sale with land contract selling... See how Steve is flipping houses with private lenders.

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Think Like A Rehabber

Think like a rehabber to save money and enjoy your project when remodeling your real estate investment houses.

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Positive Thinking To Think Like A Rehabber

Do what you love to do! From Positive Thinking to Your Creative Vision. Define your Major Purpose, Build on Team Work, Think like a Rehabber.

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Homeowners Considered Investors

The Banks have changed the rules again! Many Bank owned homes for sale have a clause that state, No Investors May Bid For The First Fifteen Days. In

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Rehabbing Houses


The difference between rehabbing houses, real estate investing, wholesale and real estate sales. Joe the rehabber does the work with do-it-yourself home remodeling...

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Rehabber Lifestyle of a Real Estate Investor

The Rehabber Lifestyle of a Real Estate Investor for fun and profits...

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How to Find Investors and how to Find the Money for real estate investing?

Where's my Government Bail Out? How to find Investors, How to find the Money,loan modifications, private money, and how to create money for Rehabbing...

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Why Real Estate Rehab... How-To is the Easy Part

The psychology of real estate rehab... How-to rehab is physical, it's only work. Why-to be a house rehabber is mind work...

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Are You A Rehabber?

Are You A Rehabber, a skilled trades person, or real estate investor? Do it yourself home remodeling offers Freedom, Lifestyle, and Wealth... Joe The Rehabber's Mission Statement...

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Appealing Home Remodel Ideas


Creative home remodel ideas and projects that will make you the topic of pleasing conversations...

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The Importance of Motivation for DIY Home Improvements

The importance of motivation is the 3rd step ater the Idea and discussion. Then we need the motivation that moves us into Action to accomplish our real estate investing and home remodeling projects.

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Remodeling Contractor Insurance

Tips to keep your remodeling contractor insurance low. How to keep your insurance risk to a minimum.

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Rehabber Check List for the Real Estate Investor

The Rehabber's Check List for Real Estate Investors... Choose your Objective, make your Plan, set up your Business, Build your Team, Find your Properties, Scope of Work...

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Home Improvement Remodeling Repair


Home Improvement Remodeling Repair on plaster and lath walls. Removing interior wall finishes and installing new drywall.

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Passion For Work

Passion is a real gift. I don't believe you can choose a passion, you need to discover it. Real estate investors and Rehabbers with a passion for work - enjoy more success...

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Home Exterior Remodeling Idea

One home exterior remodeling idea can make a huge difference. From washing your house, my shed plans, landscaping, to a new driveway. Home remodeling and real estate investing projects for everyone...

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Real Estate Bookkeeping, Filing Receipts, and Your Investor Books.

At the very least, organize receipts for real estate bookkeeping. Save receipts and filing receipts for investor books separate from household receipts.

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Cash Flow and Financial Independence

Ask-The-Rehabber How-To create Cash Flow from Multiple Streams of Income and Real Estate Investor Methods, to gain Financial Independence and Freedom...

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