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HOW-TO vs. WHY-DO Real Estate Rehab?

The How-To is the Easy part. Building materials come with instructions!

The Why-Do is the Hard part. There's more than just money to consider!

The Back Story...

This may be confusing, but think about it.

Do you really want the deep, detailed information, on how the human brain works?

  • Left Brain – Right Brain
  • Working with your Hands
  • Working with your Mind

Many real estate information products today include a ton of information on psychology, mostly to persuade us to purchase and keep their do-it-your-self real estate investor programs.

But do those programs actually work?

The first half of my life was learning all the "How-To" instructions I needed to make a living.

Then there was that period in my 40's when the questions arise, what am I doing...

  • Why?
  • What's "it" all about?
  • Soul searching...
  • The Mid-Life-Process...

Maybe I can save you some steps here and years of researching...

The big question in life... What's the Purpose?

The answer I found, and I am now convinced and agree...

Is To Be Happy!

I'm talking about our working careers and by no means getting into religion and faith here.

If Rehabbing houses makes you happy like it does me, we'll never run out of work and have plenty to look forward to!

Rehab Real Estate

Real Estate Rehab is just as good for the mind and body as it is for the community getting a rejuvenated house!

Why I rehab and remodel is simply because it makes me happy! Isn't that just too simple? Well, it works for me. Great Work - Great Money... And it works well for others I personally know in my community.

I'm at my best doing what I love to do

  • Plunging in to a remodeling project
  • Using my skilled trade skills
  • Rehabbing a deteriorating property, and transforming it back into a valuable home or storefront.

I consider this Art!

"Why"... Is the hard part!

Instructions are hard to find to motivate someone into hard physical labor on houses and buildings that may take a month to several months to complete!

The big WHY is the expectations of making money and building wealth from investing... But when you enjoy the work, there is the Double Win!

Real Estate Rehab - How-To... Simplified

As for the How-To of rehabbing a house...

I found too much time is spent trying to figure out how to do basic home remodeling and repair tasks...

The real problem is simply getting started!

Once we get started, the How-To falls into place... By following the instructions that come with the building materials!

This Is Important To Know...

There is a How-To home remodeling book or video on how-to fix everything on rehabbing house projects. Many manufacturers provide those videos and instructions.

How-To information is readily available however, many of us already know how-to do some work needed for home repairs and maintenance. Like me, you probably already have a few how-to books

I started rehabbing houses because of the skills I learned working on my parents home growing up, then working on my first home.

Getting started,

I bought fixer-uppers that only needed the remodeling work I knew how to do.
I got estimates of the work I didn't know how to do before I would buy an investment house.

Put WHY-DO together with HOW-TO

Why? Because we enjoy the Work! (And the profits.)

How? Refer to the instructions. There are tons of reference materials available!

Work On Your Own Home First

Do-It on your own home for enjoyment and better living, while saving some money...

You can sell your home every two years for a capitol gains tax free profit (for as long as the tax rule stays in place).

Do You Invest Your Money?

If you figured out the Why! That you like to do the work and feel the rewards of remodeling houses like me...

The How-To Becomes Relatively Easy!

Simply by following instructions! (The installation instructions that come with building materials.)

Since you maybe an investor already...

As a Rehabber, you invest in yourself through Your Work, the work that you personally do on Your properties.

The How-To is obvious... Any questions or comments on the WHY-Do real estate rehab? Click here.

Investor Rehab

Investors who invest in real estate rehab have an obvious "Allure or Motive" of Why! For the Profit!

As an investor - a return on investment (ROI) is expected!

Everything on a house rehab project could be hired out!

We could be a private lender to a rehabber - no work involved.


As a do-it-yourself Rehabber - We expect a ROI plus enjoyment of the work.

We also save money from paid-out labor, thus more profit in return.

There are hundreds of strategies for investor real estate rehab.

As a rehabber we only need a few sound strategies to stay busy, build wealth, and enjoy the freedom of working on our own properties!

It's a lifestyle!

House Rehab

Hobby or Business?

I like to work on the houses in my neighborhood!

When a fixer-upper is close to home, it's easy to oversee, we can work on them for a couple of hours per day, and eliminate long distance drive time.

Here is another good "Why" for real estate rehab, if it's close and convenient, it's easier to get started, and close for maintaining if you keep it and rent it out!

Start with an easy house rehab project; paint, carpet, and a little landscaping...

For The More Advanced Investor...

Jump in on the "Ugly-Homes" that need major work.

Another good reason why I chose real estate rehab is because of the variety of choices, on the type of work, locations, amount of work, and profit potential.

Where would you like to go from here...

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