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Marla's First Fixer Upper - Preparation & Planning

Jason's First Home Rehab - Renters Pay the Mortgage

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  • There is nothing more Motivating,
  • Than swapping remodeling and Investor stories,
  • During YOUR real estate project!

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Maybe you are a lot like me...

You can see I have A Passion for Work although in the picture below I'm relaxing after a hard days work of trenching... see the pipe and backhoe in the background.

Sharing my stories keep me motivated! I can't wait to get back to my projects.

Real estate success is not a mistake!
It takes Action, a Plan, and Networking! And sharing your story is networking.

So now, I'd like to turn the tables on you.

I would love to hear about your best experiences and so will your visitors to your new mini site.

That's right - Share Your Story and if it is interesting and motivating to others, you will be published and become an instant Author!

Your page will be posted on this site and visitors will be able to leave comments and ask you questions - and you'll be able to reply back.

Remember that everyone who comes to this site from around the world is like-minded like you!

Note: This page is for "Success Stories". If you have rehabbing or investor questions, you can start your own page about Ask Your Question-click here and visitors will give you comments and answers your questions.

If you're a real estate Investor, House Rehabber, or a Homeowner with a Great Project...

Tell us your most interesting story, your top rehabbing tips... anything about real estate or rehabbing that you'd be excited to share. And we'd like to hear about your profits or equity gains too!

I enjoy trying a new tip and I'm sure others who visit this site will thank you too!

Share your real estate success story...

Share Your Real Estate Success Story

There is nothing more motivating than swapping rehabbing stories during Your project.

The best motivation I've ever had is sharing my rehabbing stories with other investors while we are working on our projects...

Do you have an interesting real estate success or remodeling story to tell? Share your best tips and strategies so your visitors can leave you comments. It's easy to do!

Your Real Estate Success Story and Commentary

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Every once in a while a company forms with both the right talent and attitude to become successful. That is definitely the case of Smart & Handy Renovations …

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Starting Small on My First Fixer Upper... I am just starting out in realestate rehabilitation. But I did a lot of preparation and planning before …

Investor Real Estate 
My Project and Investor Real Estate Plans. I am currently working on finishing My First investor real estate home (owner occupied), which was a …

Free Resource for Real Estate Rehabbers Not rated yet
Hi Joe! I just wanted to say "Thank You" for putting together such a great "free" resource for all real estate rehabbers to use. But most of all, …

Real Estate Success Story Not rated yet
Another real estate success story. I'm Superman! You can be too... At least my family and friends think so... My neighbor complimented me that, …

A Little Help From Joe the Rehabber Not rated yet
Hey Joe I just wanted to thank you for all the tips and tricks that you have shown me. Because of you and help from others I am able to do remodeling, …

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