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"Broken Homes"
Keep Me In Business...

Joe the rehabber with helpful home remodeling and real estate investing tips!

My given name is Joe Trometer here to help you, fellow home remodeling and real estate investors, 

make the most of your home remodeling projects from my 30 years experience of fixing "broken homes" (broken buildings).

I'm still actively remodeling investment homes today and improve upon the few apartments I maintain for our (my wife and I) retirement years.

I'm a skilled tradesman licensed in Mechanical HVAC, and earned my degree in Energy Technology at Henry Ford Community College.

I've had my Builders License over 20 years and a Real Estate License over 30 years.

Quick note: Licenses and College Degrees are not needed to invest and remodel your own home!

The desire for do-it-yourself remodeling is the basic need to succeed.

In the past, my credentials were related to a "job"

Unless your employment requires a license, I would skip those licenses.

As Joe the Rehabber, my procedure is to remodel my home, a second home, then sell one house and buy another investment house, and repeat that process.

No licenses needed.

Homeowners can pull their own permits for their primary resident homes.

How I Got Started...

At age 18 I started in the factory working industrial maintenance for 2 years until the factory exploded and closed.

Since then I've worked on houses, apartments, storefronts, and commercial buildings.

Joe the rehabber happened by chance so I'm fortunate that factory closed!

My previous employment of 12-years was classified as a Building Engineer (mechanical maintenance) on commercial buildings and retired at age 40 from real estate investing.

It was the work I did on my investment houses after an eight hour day at the "Job" that earned me the extra money to retire early.

I personally do the physical work on the buildings I own and continue to do so to this day.

I enjoy working the skilled trades and tearing in to a project, adding value, and bringing the building back to life and its original usefulness.

Once you realize the creativity we can add to our home remodeling projects, "No Boss" looking over our shoulder...

...You may find the pleasures and excitement as I do looking forward to our do-it-yourself remodeling projects.

As a mechanical-(HVAC) contractor I worked for others...

As Joe the rehabber I work for myself, by myself, on properties that I own.

I've been helping others learn how to invest in real estate and remodel their homes for decades.

I didn't plan on this, but when friends and family seen how I work on so many home project that I owned, they asked questions... 

I was happy to offer any help I could, and still do.

Previously I was vice-president at our local Real Estate Investors Association (REIA).

I was the monthly speaker on real estate investing and home remodeling techniques.

See my video below speaking at the REIA meeting.

It was suggested to me that I document what I’ve been teaching for easy reference for friends like you.

That's how Joe the rehabber became Ask-The-Rehabber®.

I enjoy sharing my experience on this website to help...

  • Home Owners
  • Real Estate Investors
  • The do it yourself Home Remodeler
  • Anyone who likes to work on houses and buildings
  • Anyone who wants to buy and sell properties.

This is an excellent business if you enjoy the work!

Think of yourself as an Artiste, I certainly do! Fortunes have been made in real estate investing!

Helping Others is a form of Teaching!

It's known that, "The best way to learn is to teach!"

Teaching my craft and skills are extremely motivating for me, that's why I've enjoyed helping people like you over the years.

Sharing my home remodeling project expertise keeps me excited to work on my properties,

and continue to seek out the next fixer-upper house to resell for a fair profit.

I could only do this with my own web-site...

Sharing my Joe the rehabber experiences is possible from using the Site-Build-It (SBI) website hosting system.

The creator of this system Ken Evoy shares the same honest, hardworking, do-it-yourself approach to website building, 

as I have for helping people like you, with sincere helpful strategies about home remodeling and real estate investing.

As I discuss on this site about create money by investing in real estate, is about do-it-yourself real estate investing and home remodeling as a website business for additional income to invest in properties.

SBI is about do-it-yourself website eBusiness building...

Getting your message out and getting the work done with plenty of help. Then, earn an income in the process.

If your own website business sounds interesting... 

I recommend SBI for you to add an additional multiple stream of income like I'm doing.

Click on the video tour link below to explore the possibility to build your own eBusines.

Build a Website Business - Video Tour

Now you know a little more about me, what I'm doing, and how do-it-yourself home remodeling has turned into my never ending career.

Any Questions?

What's your toughest problem with home remodeling or real estate investing?

You can ask questions on this website at Rehabber Answers to Questions.

Not only do I answer your questions, but the thousands of visitors to this site can answer your questions too.

Do you have any advice to offer?

You can answer our visitor's questions too. We'd love to hear from you!

All my best to you,


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Joe the Rehabber Speaking At The REIA Meeting

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