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Kitchen ideas

In the beginning I started with simple home improvement ideas that grew into major remodeling ideas.

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Think of yourself as an artiste like I do, then our projects transform into works of art using our creativity.

So let's get creative...

We can get very creative, when we think about home improvement projects, and have the financing!

I've imagined 1000's of home improvement ideas...
Many I've completed, some were way over the top, and I still can't stop thinking about doing more!

For some projects... It may be financially smarter to buy a house with all the home improvements we would like, already completed!

Trying to remodel a house that needs to many updates can become cost prohibitive. Don't over do it...

Moving on...

Any Home Improvement Idea is a Good One! What are you thinking about?

Do you have a home improvement idea you would like to share with everyone?

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The bottom line is cost, time, and inconvenience for our families. Let's try to work that out together with this...

A quick overview of the Ask-The-Rehabber.com theme.

I've combined do it yourself home remodeling with do it yourself real estate investing.
That's how we can refer to ourselves as rehabbers.

We become rehabbers to save money, that's why I say, "Triple Your Profit with Do-It-Yourself Remodeling".

On our home improvements, do-it-our-self remodeling Triples our Savings from paying out expensive labor costs when ever we can.

Bathroom ideas

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Home Remodel Ideas

Creative home remodel ideas and projects that will make you the topic of pleasing conversations...

Home Exterior Remodeling Idea

One home exterior remodeling idea can make a huge difference. From washing your house, my shed plans, landscaping, to a new driveway. 
Home remodeling and real estate investing projects for everyone...

Old House Remodeling

Ask-The-Rehabber about Old House Remodeling, Improvements, Remodeling Contracts, Do it yourself remodeling, and remodeling costs for your whole house rehab...

Remodeling Houses

I started remodeling houses by accident, now I do it for a living. The disciplines I learned from my Parents that encouraged me to buy my first house, to real estate investing principles...

Home Improvement Remodeling Repair

Home Improvement Remodeling Repair on plaster and lath walls. Removing interior wall finishes and installing new drywall.

Rehabbing Houses

The difference between rehabbing houses, real estate investing, wholesale and real estate sales. Joe the rehabber does the work with do-it-yourself home remodeling...

16 Home Repair and Remodel Project

16 home repair and remodel check list reminders to save money on utility bills and home improvement ideas to prevent damage...

Glass block windows

Local-Source Home Improvement Ideas

Thanks to Google's help, this search supplements the limited amount of home improvement ideas I can write on this page without this becoming a 1000 page book.

Instead of being "given" the idea, search for whatever home improvement ideas that’s on your mind!

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Now for the Exciting Part...

Write out your own home improvements idea.

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If your serious about getting your home remodeling idea into action like I am, I tell people about my plans! And you can too...

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Do You Have Home Improvement Ideas?

Share your home remodeling ideas here! Add your idea to get your own conversation going with our visitors who share your enthusiasm.

Your Home Improvement Ideas
and Visitor's Comments

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Bedroom Painting Ideas Not rated yet
I'm stuck on my bedroom painting ideas because of the moldings have been painted over so many times (this is an old house remodel), it looks terrible. …

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