Are You A Rehabber? 
Do-It-Yourself Home Rehabbing
on Homes You Own.
Anytime - Anywhere - for Any Age

Plaster and wall demolition

Are You A Rehabber?

Like Working with Your Hands on Property You Own?

Then You Have The Skills for Do-It-Yourself Home Remodeling. 

The Big Difference:

Real estate rehabbers work for themselves on Homes We Own.


A Contractor
works for customers!

Real Estate investors would like to hire Us Rehabbers

but we're not for Hire.  

Investors hire Contractors and Handy-workers.

Share your Share YOUR Real Estate Success story here and get noticed! Visitors will provide you comments and you can reply back.  To me, sharing our real estate success stories are part of the Importance of Motivation to stay productive and profitable.

Mission Statement

Loving the Lifestyle as a Real Estate Rehabber,
By Improving the Community I'm In,
Spending Money and Earning a Living,
By Fixing and Adding Value to Properties,
Creating Work and Supporting Local Suppliers,
One Property at a Time,
And Helping Others Do The Same.

Occasionally, when the job is too big for one person,
I will hire a contractor that is license and insured for construction safety reasons!

Ask A Builder

I'm a builder that turned into a home-rehabber that remodels properties that I own. 

It's great to be a successful building company however; running the crew, the overhead, the office staff, the sales and marketing department, finances, the City Planning Department, etc...

... Is a very time consuming, and mentally draining proposition...
A real Big Job!
In some cases, One Mistake and the Company is Out of Business!  

Still there is a need for the Large Building Companies and I'm impressed with the General Contractors who run them - they are fantastic individuals!

Ask-The-Rehabber® is about how independent home remodelers and real estate investors:

  • Gain control of our time,
  • Enjoy our personal freedom,
  • Build wealth,
  • Do the skills we enjoy,
  • Work on our own properties,
  • At our own pace.  

At the same time we are helping our communities tremendously by improving the value of the properties in our neighborhoods.

Home-Rehabbers support:

  • Local suppliers and businesses,
  • Provide work for local independent contractors,
  • We build lasing relationships,
  • By providing affordable homes to local residence!

Plus... it's a whole lot of fun without having the Big Business Stress!

Are You A Rehabber Like Me?

Freedom is the goal!
Independence to work on our own properties at our own pace, and the money is pretty good too!

Ask The Handyman

Many of us started as a Handyman.  Simple projects around the house, for the family, friends, and neighbors... Cheap Pay - or - NO Pay, gets old quick.

Are you a rehabber, a handywoman or handyman?

Rehabbing homes and flipping houses is from:

  • Demolition and remodeling
  • TO...
  • Simple maintenance, landscaping, and cosmetic touch-ups.

The goal is getting to do what you like to do, close to home,
at our own pace,
making better than average money...
... It's the "Rehabber Lifestyle".

Call To Action

Help and Be Helped.
Are you a Rehabber active in today’s market?
Your participation on this site would be most helpful to others.

Share YOUR Success Story here and become an Author on this site.
If your not active - this site will get you going again.
Not a rehabber yet?; will help you get started. Ask Your Questions here.

I Lost My Job

I lost my factory job in 1978.  Many are loosing their jobs today.  I haven't found security by being an employee in the last 30 years and don't believe I could find security with employment in the next 30 years with the work I like to do.

Are you a rehabber working for a builder that has cut your work hours or has gone out of business?
Working on properties that you own is a very realistic option when you enjoy the skilled trades as much as I do.

Becoming a full time Rehabber took some time for me to find my niche... You will see from the content of this ask-the-rehabber® site how and why I do what I do. 

The economy is in turmoil and the stock market can be a rip-off, yet I'm still going strong as a Rehabber.
I've invested in myself, invested in local properties, provide excellent service and quality workmanship, I keep my rentals full, and I just sold another fixer-upper as the stock market plunged.
That's more security than any job has ever offered me!

Are you a Rehabber... care to share your experience and get America working again? Share Your Story. Your Participation is Important!

Become a Real Estate Investor

Are you a Rehabber working for other people?  Wouldn't that be considered a Contractor?

Become a real estate investor, work on your own properties, and never run out of work again!
There is no license for a Rehabber like the other skilled trades; in many cases you won't need a license (unless you want licenses), much of the work you can do yourself.

If your a skilled tradesman or a licensed contractor; become a real estate investor, own the property you work on, all the work is in one location.  

Tradesmen and Contractors are already mechanically inclined
Crossing over to the other trades is a breeze, unlike union jobs and non-union job sites where each trade is called upon separately.

Beginner Investor

A beginner investor in real estate is quite easy when you break it down into simple steps, over a period of time.  

Real Estate in the beginner stages is just not get-rich-quick!
Of course there are many exception to this rule...

The fact is...

...One can get rich in real estate over months or within a year or two!
There are more opportunities in real estate investing than any job could possibly offer!

Are you a Rehabber that hasn't invested in real estate yet?   Ask-The-Rehabber® is a good place to start...  Click here and ask your questions so all the Rehabbers can leave comments to your question.

Construction Business Plan

Are you a Rehabber with a business plan?
Have you ever prepared a Construction Business Plan?
This can be a very frustrating and costly step to complete for the big business contractors.
I have the solution to this problem and simplified the process for the Rehabber...

Check Lists and Scope-of-Work coming soon are the basics for getting the construction part done on your rehab project.
A construction business plan for a company with new construction projects and new subdivisions are complex.

A Rehabber works on existing homes and buildings, thus reducing much of the complexity of the business plan.
In fact as a Rehabber, you don't necessarily have to have a business plan until you want to grow your rehabbing into a business.
A Rehabber can function quite well as a Hobby without ever needing a business plan, yet some form of a simple written plan makes good sense.

A business plan is important when it comes to; obtaining commercial lending, setting up your Corporation or LLC, and formalizing your accounting systems.
Use your Financial Planner, CPA, and Attorney for guidance and full explanation... when you get to that point.
More about Team Building

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