Real Estate Cash Flow
How-To, Do-it-Yourself, for...
Financial Independence and Freedom

It's all about POSITIVE CASH FLOW...

Real Estate Investors enjoy a very high rate of return on their investments when the strategy is sound. 

A Rehabber makes more profits: From the fruit of their - labor of love!

Take your time and plan various methods of income, One At A Time.

If you have a job, that's your first form of cash flow as earned income. 

The most common reason we become Real Estate Investors, a Rehabber, or an Entrepreneur, is to replace our "JOB" of earned income with, "Returns on Investments", to gain Financial Freedom, then further on to WEALTH from Profits.



We all want it now, want it fast, want an undetermined amount of wealth, to buy an undetermined amount of stuff.


"Get-Rich-Quick" is an out dated and very old "Sales Pitch". I would like to think people don't fall for such tactics anymore?

Ask-The-Rehabber is all Business! Build your Real Estate Investor Business; slowly and completely, one Positive Cash Flow method at a time, from sound principles and strategies, to financial independence, freedom from the employer, and more.

Keep in mind, the Business is in the Books! More about Real Estate Bookkeeping!

Let's explore some CHOICES...


Capitol gains are FAST AND EASY! Kind of...
It can be FAST meaning from about 30 days to a year depending on your ambition and knowledge level.

It can be EASY when you know what to look for in a property, knowing who you’re going to sell the property to in advance, and understanding the paperwork (and it's 95% paperwork!)

Capitol gains is the difference between Cost + Expenses and selling price of your property = equals Profit subject to Taxes.

Technically this is easy! Understanding the paperwork and learning the process is the work if you aren't familiar with it already. Keep in mind, most of the paperwork can be hired out!

Flipping Real Estate, Selling Wholesale Properties, Fix-and-Flip, are the buzz words in the real estate investor and Rehabber industry. Simply put: BUY LOW - ADD VALUE - SELL HIGH!


Buy and Hold may be the Call-to-Action in today’s market however, rental income has been the strategy to build wealth over time for Centuries!

Renting to Tenants; a single family home, a unit in a multifamily home, or an apartment in an apartment complex, creates Cash Flow and Equity... 

Money comes in from the Tenants... Money goes out to pay the bills.

POSITIVE CASH FLOW is the Name Of The Game!

Having money left over from the rents after paying the bills puts the Cash Into Your Pocket. This may be obvious, yet many Real Estate Investors and Rehabbers Fail when it comes to their balance sheet!

Collecting rental income will transform you; into a Landlord, a Property Manager, and or a Business Owner with Employees. The Choice is Yours.

Get the experience first by working with someone in the rental business before you jump in. On the job training is faster to success than trial and error.

MAKE MORE MONEY as a Rehabber!

Maybe I'm a lot like you?
I love the work I do!
I don't care too much for the bosses!
So I got rid of the boss while keeping my work... (Isn't that smart?)

I'm a mechanical HVAC tech and a building repair tech by trade; I figured out how to do the work I enjoy doing, on properties I own, for a profit, enough to eliminate the employer. ****GENIOUS**** I didn't invent this, I had great teachers, and thus... I became a Rehabber!

[[[NOTE: Your work skills don't have to be the same as mine! Any skill involved with real estate is a good place to start. Many professions are related to real estate in one way or another. And certainly we all live ON real estate, in one type of a dwelling or another. The key ingredients are PASSION, DESIRE, and a little AMBITION, to make more money with real estate than an ordinary job has to offer.]]]

For me, as a Rehabber, I make more money on all my properties because I save on Labor Expenses, I don't have employees, and get the work done (that I like to do) at a fraction of the cost... This works for me and my lifestyle! 

You may modify this in many ways to fit your own personality. It's just another way to put positive cash flow into our pockets. [Note: I'm not apposed at all to paying for labor via professional services and licensed contractors; therefore I still pay employees through other company's services. WIN / WIN.] (coming soon - make more money and increase your cash flow on every property


I paid attention when I first learned this method! It took me a long time but I got there! I used three methods of cash flow to gain my financial independence. 

Fix-and-flip, Rental Income, and my job at the time. I'm now 10-years free from the employer

FREEDOM is my goal, not riches!
We are all alike when it comes to wanting money and enjoying certain freedom!
We may be a little different when it comes to...
The amount of money each of us want and, Our personal definitions of Freedom.

[NOTE: How much? What is needed? Obtaining your Freedom! Are very rare secretes!].

I will be sharing my philosophy throughout this site about..."THE PURPOSE OF LIFE"
And if the correct answer is "TO BE HAPPY"...
And I believe that to be true!

Than deciding What Makes YOU Happy, The work your willing to do to get there, Will be the basis of how much Cash Flow you need,

To gain your Financial Independence, Then the work you will do after you achieve your financial independence,

To keep you happy...
Is the Formula to work on!

Where would you like to go from here...

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