Positive Thinking To Think Like A Rehabber.
A Clear and Creative Vision.

Positive Thinking must be Accurate Thinking!

Let's not go overboard with this topic... Been there - done that!

Do What You Love To Do! Then what you think about becomes automatic and easy. I'm finally doing what I love to do!

If you're like me and enjoy real estate investing, building wealth and enjoying my freedom, and like the daily experiences your involved in, than follow along and fine tune your motivation and overcome the obstacles. You will feel better!

More about Think-Like-A-Rehabber, you know you love what you're doing when...

Define Your Major Purpose

This is the toughest and biggest frustration I've ever faced!

Positive thinking does not work when I'm working on a job I do not like!
Positive thinking for me as a Rehabber does work, every minute of every day!

If your a Real Estate Investor / Rehabber like me, or want to get into this business, it's imperative that you Choose Your Objective Wisely, by identifying What You Love and Like To Do! 

Then hire out the rest (hire out what you don't like to do).

Okay... This sounds simple, yet it is widely overlooked. In the beginning however, you do tasks you cannot yet afford to hire out. This is temporary!

It is natural for us to want to improve ourselves. There is a saying, "If you’re not growing, you're dying".

There are Personal Development Courses, books, and programs, for all of us to learn from.

That will help you as it helped me to Define Our Major Purpose, and Choose Our Objective wisely.

A purpose to fit our personality and the lifestyle we enjoy! You can do the same if your not already there. That's how I use positive thinking!

Choose Your Objective

I learned this best about myself from coaching others. My first question to the student was, "What's your primary objective?".

Everyone in this study group gave at least five (5) answers. None had a definite answer!

Five (5) objectives are a problem when each objective is a career in itself.

This was frustrating for me because - I was guilty of the same problem!
I wanted to do it all, multiple streams of income – right? 
I'm a multitasker, I can do anything and everything... Wrong!

Let's use some positive thinking or better yet, Accurate Thinking! It is positive thinking to see ourselves as able and ambitious to do many tasks... whether we like the task or not.

It is accurate thinking to choose our objective or rather, choose the daily tasks we enjoy.

Note: Multitasking is no longer considered an asset!

It is truly a liability, a time waster, and in many cases offensive to others in our presents!

Examples: As a Rehabber I cannot paint and wire an electrical panel box at the same time... two different jobs for two separate days.
I do not do accounting while on the job site, write contracts with someone while talking to someone else on the phone.

To be thorough, efficient, and avoid mistakes in business; focus on one task at a time!

There are exceptions to every rule: The point here is real estate investing and being a rehabber involves many:

  • Professions
  • Strategies
  • Skilled Trades
  • and Business Routines.

I solved the problem! Positive thinking led me to believe I could do many things at once.

Actually, too many things simultaneously! 

Like being a:

a Mechanical Contractor,
a Builder,
a Storefront Owner,
while being Employed in my career job,
and being in the Army Reserves, all at the same time!

A combination of too many jobs at the same time made me a miserable multitasker and less effective in each job!

Accurate Thinking combined with positive thinking enabled me to choose my objectives wisely!

The one skill set I possessed, that I enjoyed most
that gives me the lifestyle I enjoy best, 
with the uncapped opportunity to build wealth, 
while enjoying my freedom...

...I chose to be a Rehabber and I love it!

I enjoy the daily experiences of remodeling houses.

Now positive thinking comes naturally and I Hire Out The Rest of the work that, although I can do it, others can do it better than me! Now I build on teamwork.

Suggestion: If you want to be a real estate investor rehabbing houses, choose the projects you're best at and enjoy the most!

If you're a rehabber having skilled-trade talent, we are very much alike!
If you're not: Hire a rehabber and make them part of your team.

There Is Something For Everyone!

There are plenty of opportunities to choose from:

  • Plumbing, HVAC, Electrical, Carpentry...
  • All the Skilled Trades
  • Office skills
  • Marketing skills
  • Sales skills
  • Legal
  • Deeds and contracts
  • Architecture

Truly, there is something in real estate investing and home remodeling for everyone...

  • Home staging
  • House amenities
  • Crafts for homes
  • Designers for interior and exterior
  • Maintenance

And more...

...Landscapers, Facility managers, Operation managers, any manager, people skills, organizers, insurance professionals, home owners, educators, and the list goes on.

Real estate is a combination too many professions to list!

If you simply have an interest in real estate investing, learn as you go, one step at a time, and when you have questions, click on the link below and just ask.

Got Questions? Ask-The-Rehabber® click here!

Build On Teamwork

Surround yourself with successful people. This is a problem that must be solved!

Teamwork is the golden rule of success. There is no single person that is a stand alone success - that's impossible. And it is amazing how we fight it day in and day out with almost everything we do in most any situation. More about this later...

Build Your Team is Positive Thinking. The know-it-all, Do-it-yourself, don't-need-anyone type of thinking is debilitating and I'm talking from experience... I've liberated myself, joined others who are like minded, and enhanced my lifestyle of happiness, freedom, prosperity, and developed wonderful relationships with many people.

Building your team is a one person at a time process, over a long period of time, with continuous changes.

There is no rush to build your team!

The first person on your team is your spouse or life partner. This is the most important person on your team because of the personal relationship effect.

My wife and I are in different careers! Even though we don't work in the same profession, we are proud of each other for what we do. 

I enjoy hearing everything she does at her work and she enjoys listening to me about my work.

Your life partner doesn't have to be in the same business you are as a Rehabber however, my wife does invest in real estate and hires 100% of her real estate investing out to me. That makes for some great positive thinking...

Your Team can be built with many like minded people; professional service providers, employees, fee for service contractors, colleagues and peers, coaches and mentors, and very important - your master mind group members.

Getting started begins with planning; a financial planner, CPA / accountant, and attorney.

Planning includes your business plan, business entity, and strategies, 
Next up is your money person; banker / mortgage lender, hard money lender, 
Then your seller and or realtor, title company, and insurance provider,
Inspectors, contractors, and suppliers,
Workers, helpers, personal assistant, and or property manager,
Buy-hold-rent or fix-and-flip,
Move on to the next...

Did I Leave Anyone Out?

If this sounds frustrating to you like it did to me in the beginning - take a deep breath.

One At A Time!

Real estate investing and being a rehabber is not an instant scratch off lottery ticket... I call it a lifestyle, one could look at it as a career, a business, and for many it is their job working for or within the real estate industry. Thus, this is a long term proposition, not a short term; get-in, get-out, and quit... Real estate is here to stay, they're not making any more of it, and every living person, place, animal, and thing, must have it. So...

Real estate investing, Build on teamwork, a little positive thinking, and patients...

of meeting people and telling them what you want, looking at properties, making offers, buy - fix-up - sell - rent, is a process of simple daily tasks, one step at a time, over a period of time. Build your team one at a time; build your portfolio of properties one at a time, develop your lifestyle of freedom and happiness, build wealth, live long and prosper, and then give it all away!

Charity, helping the unfortunate, your Church and or faith, are also a part of your team. You decide where to place them; at the top, the bottom, or some where in between.

What goes around comes around - help and be helped - and I certainly hope that Ask-The-Rehabber® is helping someone.

Payback - I depended on help in the beginning as an infant from my Mother and Father to adulthood and then some, I'll need help in the end, and all the help in between I've received so far and will need in the future...

Building your team is about Building Relationships and Networking

Positive Thinking, Rehabber Style

Positive Attitude - Attitude is everything...
Personal Initiative - the self-starter...
Desire - do you have a "burning desire"...
Form Habits - Wealth and Lifestyle habits...
Maintain Sound Health - All is well when you are well, and your loved ones too...

Self Discipline - Are they yours? 

Pleasing Personality - Of course when you do what you love to do...
Inspired Feelings - Like minded friends and relationships...
Creative Vision - Your project - your lifestyle - your family...
Budget Time and Money - Simply manageable...
Ambition - Have-to versus Want-to...

And the best for last... Your Master-Mind Group even if it's one other person...

Where would you like to go from here...

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