Bathroom Remodel Demolition

by Donna

Bathroom Plumbing

Bathroom Plumbing

I'm looking to remodel my bathroom myself because the contractor I use says they have to gut my bathroom.
My house isn't that old, built in 1991, and I haven't had any problems.

I just want to update it. So why gut it?



Answer by Joe Trometer

Welcome Donna, thanks for the question!

Here's a list of common bathroom updates.

Below is a checklist when to gut a bathroom.

Updating a bathroom examples:

  • A new vanity, sink, mirrored cabinet, and faucets

  • A new toilet

  • New flooring

  • Painting

  • Replacing a tub surround kit

  • Replacing the light fixtures

  • New glazing on the bathtub

  • A new towel bar set

These are relatively easy bathroom updates without disturbing the walls.

Gutting the bathroom would mean removing everything!

All the bathroom fixtures,
the drywall or plaster,
the flooring,
down to the studs and sub-floor!

Bathroom Demolition When...

  • There is visual damage to the wall, ceiling, and floor surfaces

  • Relocation of the bathroom plumbing and electrical fixtures

  • Alterations to the floor plan or size of the bathroom

This would be an expensive bathroom remodel...

In the bathroom demo photo above, you can see the studs and
the mess of removing the wall material.

In the bathroom plumbing photo you can see the
  • Water supply lines

  • Drain, waste, and vent pipe

  • Notice the new stud frame around the bathtub.

Why Does Your Contractor Want To Gut or Demo Your Bathroom?

A thorough discussion with your home remodeling contractor about the
Scope of Work will identify the reasons for the type of work needed.

A Contractors Estimate:

An "Estimate or Bid Sheet" from a contractor can be vary vague and incomplete.


Demo and remodel bathroom.............. $6,432.00.

****end example***

No detailed explanation of the work to be performed!
The list of materials is not listed.

I have another example of a "Scope of Work" written here on in the remodeling kitchens section.(opens in a new window)

Having a detailed Material and Labor list of:

1) Work to be performed
2) Materials purchased for the bathroom remodel
3) Total labor cost

Are the important details of the job!
I would also require a time table of the start and completion dates of the project.

I would insist on a hard copy of the estimate in my hands
and a day or two to think about it before I commit to contractor.

Three (3) Estimates

When a contractor leaves me puzzled or feeling uncomfortable,
I follow my "gut" feeling.
In this case, I wouldn't gut the bathroom, yet!

I would suggest getting two additional contractor estimates.

You may be surprised how different each contractor's bid will be!

Find out which projects you would like to change
that would require the bathroom to be gutted.
There may be several bathroom updates you can have installed
without disrupting the wall surfaces.

Without knowing specifically the nature of the bath projects you would like to update;
I hope I helped you a bit with the above.


Please upload some pictures of the bathroom areas you'd like to update.
Our visitors and I may be able to give you better ideas...

Just click on the link below... Thanks

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Here are the before pictures
by: Donna

Hello Donna,

Sorry about the confusion to upload your pictures.

Here's how to do that...

At the bottom of this comment section are 2 links.

1) "Click here to add your own comments".

- That will allow us to comment on the original comment that already had photos.

2) The link below the 1st one that says,

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CLICK ON THAT 2nd LINK to start a new page. There you will be able to upload up to 4 photos.

Then we can comment on those photos.

When you have more photos, start a new page again.

Any questions, contact me at

Really looking forward to your pictures.


Here are the pictures of my bathroom I'm going to remodel. I've worked out a plan, selected the tile and most of the fixtures and I'm ready to get to work.

I hope the picture upload was successful.

No can do with the pictures, there is only a "Submit Comment" button. No other button.

Thanks for the help.


Thanks for the Advice
by: Donna

I'd upload some pictures of my bathroom but I can't figure out how. Sorry.

Thanks for the advice. I've done a bunch of research and I've decided to do the bathroom remodel myself. It seems straight forward. I know it will take longer but at least I can control the cost better.

The estimate he gave of 10K was way too vague, I just didn't know what I was getting for that money and he wouldn't do a detailed list until I said okay to the job. It is a shame because I've worked with him before and didn't have a problem like this.

At least it is pushing me to do it myself. I can save a lot of money this way.



Best wishes on your bathroom remodel Donna.

To upload your bathroom remodeling pictures;
Under the comment submission box is an Upload Pictures block,

Click on the Browse button and double click on any photo from your computer. Your photo will automatically load into your comment.

Also, name your picture in the "Add a Picture/Graphic Caption" block to explain a little about your photo.

Keep us posted, we'd like to hear about your progress.


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