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State Specific Real Estate Legal Forms and Contracts.

What you need to be in compliance!
State Specific contracts for all your real estate investment needs including: 

Deeds, Contracts, Liens, Contract for Deed, Promissory Notes, and many more...

All real estate forms must be drafted to comply with the laws of your State. 

Standardized forms for all States are sometimes not acceptable. 

Many free forms may not be valid.

Disclosure with USLegalForms.

Note:  Joe-the-rehabber has joined a local landlord association in his state to acquire a variety of Contracts and Forms, reviewed by an Attorney, to be compliant in renting a few homes he owns.

Additional contracts for your Investor Business:

Over 36,000 Legal Documents and Forms...

Look at the Corporate Center for your LLC, Landlord Tenant, Preparation Services, Bankruptcy, Construction Liens, Small Estates, Spanish Forms, Wills, Internet Technology, and much more.   There are a variety of Legal Forms services provided on line and with your local Attorney Associations.

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Rehabber Help

Explore the idea of swapping labor with friends, family, and fellow rehabbers.

Get the help you'd like to see here on by adding your suggestions in the rehabber questionnaire.

What's happening about the real estate investors association and more helpful tips by going to the Ask The Rehabber Help website page.

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Statistics about All U.S. Cities - Demographics...

Investor rehabber links to the Demographics of the City you want to invest in, before you buy real estate in any City.

We must know what’s going on in the Cities we are investing in!

The Information We Need To Know:

  • Real estate prices and sales trends,
  • Recent home sales,
  • Geographical data,
  • Home value estimator,
  • State profiles, crime data, cost of living, business, local news, schools...
  • Stats about residents (Income, ancestries, education, employment...)

Click on the Rehabber link below to get the Demographics of your City...

Demographics On Major U.S. Cities

Have you heard about Multiple-Streams-Of-Income?

Studying about the variety of investment strategies...


As recommended in many real estate investor programs!

Diversified income from multiple sources hedge against the unforeseeable economic cycles!

Here's What I'm Doing... website is my work-at-home-business, for additional income, to invest in my do-it-yourself home remodeling business.

And... It's my long term retirement strategy.

Building a website is hard work, time consuming, and requires extraordinary patience to learn and develop your skills on How-To build your own website.

Home remodeling and real estate investing are just as complicated however, can be physically labor intensive and involves a higher financial risk!

That said, since You are here!

I'd expect you are an aggressive and ambitious individual like me and the visitors who visit this real estate investor website.

We expect to work hard, and rightly so, expect above average results!

I've done the research!

I've spent over ten-thousand U.S. dollars and 2 years to find my website hosting company.

$300.00 U.S. per year is affordable for everything I needed to build my website business except the cost of my Ask-The-Rehabber® Trademark.

Any Questions? Contact me.

Otherwise, if adding a website business to your inventory sounds like something you should be doing, I welcome you to join in with my friends and me, and we'll help you get your website business growing like ours.

The link below has the best information to date...

Build a "Website Business" - It's Worth Taking a Look!

Put a Licensed Agent on your Team.

Licensed Realtors® have a real estate marketing system in place and become part of your team of professionals!

This is a resourceful rehabber link!

Have a Licensed real estate agent contact you in all 50 States, Canada and Mexico.

Fill out a simple form and a I will have a Licensed Agent contact you soon.

There is no obligation, only that you agree to talk with them.

This is a big time saver from having to call around to find a full time Agent.

I am a licensed real estate agent and will work for you to find a professional, full-time, Realtor®. Simply fill out the real estate referral form.

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Get Your Investor Marketing Program Together.

Marketing is all about the Who! Who is your customer?

Ask The Rehabber links to Marketing Strategies...

  • Where your next deal is coming from?
  • Who is going to buy your fixer-upper?
  • Who is going to rent from you?

Learn about Investor Marketing and get the details.

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Today's News in the Home Remodeling News and Your Commentary

Today's News in the Real Estate Investing News and Your Commentary

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