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Enjoy the Fruits of Your Own Labor

with Do-It-Yourself Home Rehabbing on Homes You Own.

  • The Secret here is:  On Homes You Own. 

That makes all the difference here at ask-the-rehabber.com ®

The Money thing is part of it. 

Maybe the money part is very important to us in the beginning of learning the DIY Home Rehabbing Craft.

Key Point:  Having a Project Home to Fill In Your Down-Time.

Simply Stated...  We can work on our very own Project-Home instead of watching Television.  And if you must, you can have a television at your project house playing in the background as you work your Craft.  I use a radio and a CD player. 

Think of Working on an Extra Home You Own like the following:

  • with No Bosses
  • No Customers
  • No Employees
  • and No Interruptions.

We Can Do this...

  • Any Time
  • Any Where
  • at almost Any Age!

I Found out after more than 40 years of buying and selling Homes...

No matter what my current Life-Circumstances at any given time.

During the Good-Times and the not so good-times.

No matter where I was living at any given time.

Regardless of my age... From Teenager to now in my Sixties.

I always have an Extra-Home as a Project-Home to work my Craft.

I Teach about Do-It-Yourself Home Rehabbing

  • On Homes You Own
  • Not for Customers
  • Great as a Hobby, Side-Business, or Man-Cave
  • A Place to Work and Be Creative.

Join Joe The Rehabber with my periodic newsletter, videos, and social media. 

Learn How-To have a project home of your Own - Forever... The Craft.

Send me your First Name and Email and let's-get-to-it together:-)

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