Your Feedback On Roommate Rental Agreement

by fastcar88
(San Francisco, CA, usa)

I'm a California homeowner. I'm renting out a room in my place and put together this 2 page month-to-month agreement.
I'm trying to avoid bringing in a lawyer, so I wanted to know: What do you landlords think?
How does it compare with what you use?

Also, would anyone be willing to "lend me" a "No subletting" clause from your rental agreement?
I just realized I don't have anything in there.

My agreement is below:

The following roommates have signed a roommate agreement on the __________ day of ______________________________ for the following apartment, house or condo:
City: State: Zip Code:

Roommate 1: LANDLORD
Roommate 2: TENANT
Roommate 2:

This agreement shall remain in effect starting on ___DATE____.
Under a month-to-month tenancy, __TENANT__________ must give the other roommates thirty (30) days notice in advance, if for any reason he/she will be moving out.
______TENANT______ is responsible for paying a $_1000_ security deposit to LANDLORD. _TENANT_ will receive his/her security deposit when LANDLORD returns it. Damages made by _TENANT_ and/or his/her guests will be deducted from his/her portion of the security deposit. If the cost of damages exceeds the security deposit amount, _TENANT_ agrees to paying the difference.
_TENANT_ agrees to a $1000 deposit to LANDLORD for his last month's rent. In the event this amount exceeds the amount due on account of proration, the excess will be returned to _TENANT_.
_TENANT_ agrees to pay $1000 in monthly rent for the property at the address above. Rent is due and payable on the first day of each month.
We agree to pay for the following utilities and services listed below:
ITEM The Original Account is in the name of: How is the bill split? Person responsible for payment of bill: Date bill is due
Gas LANDLORD Equally among all roommates LANDLORD First of the month
Water LANDLORD Equally among all roommates LANDLORD First of the month
Electricity LANDLORD Equally among all roommates LANDLORD First of the month
Telephone LANDLORD Equally among all roommates LANDLORD First of the month
Cable LANDLORD Equally among all roommates LANDLORD First of the month
Internet LANDLORD Equally among all roommates LANDLORD First of the month

All roommates agree to share the responsibilities of cleaning and maintenance of the premises. This includes cleaning the kitchen, dusting, vacuuming, emptying trash, mopping floors, cleaning bathrooms, and yardwork.
● Smoking & drug use is not allowed on the premises, including the bedroom occupied by _TENANT_.
● No pets are allowed on the premises.
● Consent from LANDLORD is necessary for parties, gatherings, or celebrations.
● Consent from LANDLORD is necessary for any guests.
● Quiet hours are from 11 pm – 8 am.
1 parking space will be rented to _TENANT_ for an additional cost of $100 per month. This amount will be paid to LANDLORD when the monthly rent is due.
_TENANT_ will receive the bedroom located on the second floor that is closest to Broadway. Note that this bedroom is not the “master bedroom” which features an adjoining bathroom.
All parts of the home are shared space EXCEPT the top floor, the two bedrooms on the second floor, and the bathroom adjoining the master bedroom.
Roommate 2, identified above, shall at all times maintain the Premises in a clean and sanitary condition and in the same condition as they were at the start of rental, reasonable use and wear excepted. Roommate 2 shall also maintain and repair all fixtures. For other maintenance or repair of the Premises, Roommate 2 shall notify the Homeowner LANDLORD. If Roommate 2 fails to undertake and complete repairs, as agreed, the Homeowner shall have the option to make such repairs, whereupon the Homeowner shall utilize funds from the Security Deposit. Roommate 2 shall not paint or wallpaper any part of the Premises nor shall Roommate 2 make any interior or exterior alteration or change in the Premises nor shall Roommate 2 change any lock or re-key any lock. Roommate 2 shall not install any washing machine, dryer, air conditioner, space heater, waterbed, or fixture. No object shall be thrown from any porch, balcony or window nor kept on any windowsill. Roommate 2 shall be liable for any misuse of any plumbing fixture or equipment, including disposal or garbage that damages any fixture or clogs any pipe. At the termination of the Roommate Agreement, Roommate 2 shall surrender the Premises with all keys to the Homeowners in the same condition as they now are, reasonable use and wear excepted. Should Roommate 2 fail to turn over all keys at the end of the rental period, the Homeowners shall be permitted to replace the locks and keys immediately at Roommate 2’s sole cost and expense. Roommate 2 shall be responsible for all damage or loss caused to the Premises during the tenancy, whether by Roommate 2 or by any invitee or guest of Roommate 2, excluding acts of God or any injury or loss caused by the Homeowners or for which the Homeowners are statutorily liable.
Tenancy may be terminated by any of the following:
● Owner's discretion
● Failing to make rent payment
● Failing to pay for household expenses
● Failing to make parking space payment
● Failure to make bill payment
● Violating an obligation under this agreement


TENANT _______________________________ ______________
Name Date

LANDLORD _______________________________ ______________
Name Date

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