Passion For Work Is A Gift,
When You Find It.

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Choose Your Work

A passion for work is probably one of the greatest gifts. I don't think you can choose a passion, you need to discover it.

I discovered real estate investing and remodeling homes that I own, then sell or rent.

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It may be right under our nose!

A person needs to follow their heart about their work so they can breathe better and live a healthier and happier life.

Making lots of money in a career field you don't enjoy is Not a passion for work, it's a need for work to cover living expenses and pay for debts.

What type of work do you love to do?

That's a fair question, isn't it?

Process of Elimination

Many of us start by finding a job in hopes of it paying well, with benefits, in a field we think we would like to work in. We buy a car, a home, get married, start a family, incur debts, or whatever the situation... before we know it, we've incurred debts and need that paycheck to pay the bills.

I Hate My Job!

There is No passion for work when we don't like what we're doing, it's drudgery.

So we look for another job because anything has to be better than the job I don't like.

Or we loose our job and are willing to take any job to earn money again.

The Misconception is we're taught to be responsible and work for that paycheck.

It doesn't matter if we like the job, we learn, Go Get A Job and "be responsible", or "you lazy bum", or "if you want to amount to anything", etc.

Few are introduced to the notion of, "choose the work you will enjoy!"

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joe the rehabber closet

I found my passion for work by recognizing what I liked to do in my free time and what I looked forward to after work when I had a job.

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When I was young, I didn't have or know about the opportunity to research my "Personality Traits", research a passion for work that would suit me, or take the time to try several jobs or volunteer work to experience what type of work I would enjoy.

Some people were raised and taught to,

  • Get good grades,
  • Get a good job,
  • Blow our money on stuff,
  • Get into debt, etc.

It's a hard habit (brainwash) to break, but possible from knowledge.

Just because we know how to do something, or spent time in a career field, doesn't mean we're obligated to it!

The Secrete is Out!

  • We can choose the work we want!
  • We can plan financially to live within our means!
  • we can earn a living with the work we enjoy!
  • We can look forward to waking up and going to work!

joe the rehabber crawlspace
joe the rehabber sanding ceiling
joe the rehabber septic pit

Process of Elimination

I found my passion for work from the process of elimination.

At first I got into Rehabbing my home to save money. I found that I enjoyed the work and learned how to do the work from How-To books.

When my home was completed, I still wanted to do remodeling work because I enjoyed it. With the guidance of a real estate investor book, I bought a house that I could fix up and sell. Although I didn't make a lot of profit (about $5,000.), I loved the experience of buying, adding value, and selling a house. What a concept!

I realized when I had a "Job", all I thought about was working on my fixer-upper and working the skilled trades that I enjoyed.

I needed a job but didn't like my job!

It was a dangerous factory job.
When that job ended, I found another job I didn't like for a paycheck.
That's what I thought I was suppose to do?
Keep a job and be responsible?
But all I could think about was working on a house that I owned, working the trades, and making some extra money. It really became my passion for work.

I've never had a passion for a "Job!

I Reserve the Right to Change My Mind. And You can too!

Change happens and so do I. I try to make change before change happens to me!

Jobs come and go. There are few 30 year lifetime jobs anymore for an average worker.

  • I made changes financially and eliminated bad debts,
  • I studied about my passion for work instead of more college for job,
  • As my business grows, I hire out what I don't like to do,
  • I adapt to the market so I always have my work,
  • As I get older, I'm making adjustment to stay involved with my passion.
joe the rehabber pvc pipe
joe the rehabber septic filter
joe the rehabber trench

Passion for Work or Money?

Most real estate guru programs are hype about getting rich quick.

Do real estate investor programs work? If you have the passion for the work involved, they do work.

I've never felt so free and alive following my passion. It wasn't an easy change... and I never looked back. It's a shame in this free Country how many miss this opportunity.

I am useful, I am helpful, I am productive, and I am Happy being a Rehabber!

Something money and stuff cannot provide and it's hard to find from a "Job".

Yes it's a lot of work and I look forward to it everyday.

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  • Have you seen the page about Who your customer is to have someone to buy or rent your properties after you've completed them?
  • Have you figured out trying to be a Realtor® without a license may not be the passion of work you're looking for? See Put a Licensed Real Estate Agent on Your Team so you can focus on Rehabbing.
  • There is a rehbber links page with a host of information,
  • Today’s news about real estate from the Wall Street Journal,
  • Demographics for your city,
  • State specific contracts for your businesses,
  • how-To set up an LLC,
  • How-To create money,
  • And much more.

Where would you like to go from here...

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