The Rehabber Lifestyle.
Remdodeling Homes
For Fun and Profits!

The Real Estate Rehabber Lifestyle is about remodeling homes for profit,
at our own pace!

I here all too often, "I would like to invest in houses like you do".

What I do:

  • Invest in real estate
  • Do real estate investing and home remodeling
  • To improve the value of the property
  • For a fair and reasonable profit
  • On properties that I own.

Those I've helped get into being a full time real estate investor or do their own home remodeling, are hooked and enjoy it like I do!


  • No Bosses
  • No Employees
  • No Customers

A truly positive environment that You Own.  Just to fill in some down time.

What is the Real Estate Investor / Rehabber Lifestyle like?

  • Less Stress
  • Freedom from being controlled by the Employer
  • We can be Creative in our work use our skills
  • Work on our own time schedule, as much or as little as we choose
  • Change-up our daily work tasks to our liking...

For instance... Plumbing today, Painting tomorrow, Landscaping the next, etc.

Share Your Rehabber Lifestyle Story. and start your own real estate success forum - It's easy to do!

What I've Eliminated from the Employee Status

From High School to the Factory - 1977
I needed a job, I got one, and here's what I found...
The Rule Book on how to be a "Good Employee"... 
With No Guarantee of "Job Security"!

They Told Me:

  • What type of clothes to wear
  • What time to be there - AND DON'T BE A MINUTE LATE!
  • What time I could leave - If I wasn't forced into overtime
  • What days I have to work - and they can change that anytime
  • How much I will get paid - even if it's not enough
  • What 2-days I will have off each week
  • What time to eat, and I couldn't go out for lunch
  • I would get 1-week vacation - that's 5-days out of 365 days
  • To work in dangerous and toxic environments!!!
  • When I could use the restroom
  • To work Swing shift - I just don't like midnights!

And it Continues... The Boss never lets up!

  • They watched over me like a hawk.
  • They tell me what to do, then how to do it, and their way is the only way.
  • ... I'm not a robot!
  • Even if you're good at your job... Do it better.
  • Do it faster -- Don't make a mistake -- More Production.
  • They're never satisfied!

What About Customers?

They want perfection for below scale pay - Sound Familiar?

With Licenses, Insurance, Truck and Tools, etc.

Customers want cheap, cheap, cheap!
(That's only fair to expect)
Customers can sometimes be worse than Employers.
Hopefully they pay on time - Collections!

How About Those Free Estimates?

  • That's a full time job in itself!
  • Undercut by $50.00?
  • Worse yet... Undercut by an unlicensed neighbor?
  • It's a lot of work and expense just to get the work!

Life Is Too Short! We Have Choices!

All I ever thought about at work:
Was To Do What I Want To Do - After Work!

Do What You Love To Do! That was the Best Advise I ever got!

For me, the Rehabber Lifestyle suits me very well.
I became a real estate investor so I could work on my own investment houses.
I get to do the skilled trades I was trained to do, in the way that suits my lifestyle. That's a double win.

When I sell or rent my properties; not only do I get paid for the work I did, I get paid the profit from the overall job!

This Is About You...

Choose the work that you enjoy and learn to be profitable at it.

Maybe the Rehabber Lifestyle, a Real Estate Investor, or home remodeling, doesn't really suit you?

If you were lured into Real Estate because of the huge paychecks, the promise of Wealth and Riches from an advertisement, and you don't like the work...

You probably won't make the big money either (in most cases).

If you're doing any of the related trades in real estate for someone else, with all those rules listed above... Chances are you fall into the category I found myself in.

Maybe I was a lot like you when, "I Liked The Work - and - Did Not Like My Job!

I figured out how to Do The Work I Enjoy and Own The Business. 

You may be thinking that I just bought myself a job? 

What I found out when I retired in 1999 was,I was too young to not have any work. Sitting around, watching TV, and taking vacations gets boring fast when everyone you know is working! 

So I did some self evaluations, identified what I like to do, and found that remodeling homes and the Rehabber Lifestyle is exactly what I enjoy doing.

Nobody can Retire Us or Fire Us

We can work, as much or as little, to age 100. The experts say having a useful and interesting activity is one of the formulas for living long.

And the big Surprise...
I can do more work, feel better, and am more productive than any job I've ever had! And the last job I had was in 1999.

So if you've ever thought about it...
And now you know someone who is actually doing it...
If we're anything alike...

A Rehabber Lifestyle just may be for you too.

Ask-The-Rehabber is here to help!

The Added Bonus $ $ $

The Money Keeps Coming In...

Collecting the rents long after the work is done! It's nice to do the work once - - - and keep getting paid for it - - - month after month.

Collecting rent is a choice. 

The point is, a Rehabber Lifestyle offers many opportunities including; real estate investor, skilled trades person, landlord, and business owner.

Even if you, "Don't Get Your Hands Dirty" and you "Write Checks and Get Checks". Manage your Rehabber Business and...

The money still comes in long after the work is done.

Where would you like to go from here...

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