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Ask The Rehabber by, Joe The Rehabber

Ask The Rehabber is about do-it-yourself home rehabbing so you can enjoy the Freedom of working on properties you own with,

  • No Boss
  • No Customers
  • No Employees

Or...  Manage your rehab projects like a Boss and oversee the sub-contractors while you manage the budget and marketing.

Buying investment properties (including your home): Adding Value, Sell for a Profit, or add your property to your investment portfolio.

So you can plan for; Exit Strategies, Management, The Remodel, and your Tenants for your buy-and-hold assets.  It's Easier than you think when you have us here on ask the rehabber to share in your ideas.

It's all here on for you.

Money . . .  What a Topic!

From Earl Nightingale,

"We Earn Money from the Value and Services we provide to other people."  

So it is possible to earn money working on homes we own on real estate, or with any other product or service a person can conjure up.

Here on this website, Joe the Rehabber, that's me in the top of this page working, teaches my 40+ years experience and adventures of a lifetime of rehabbing homes I own,

still going, for a lifetime...

  • Anytime
  • Anywhere
  • Any age
  • Forever !

Ask The Rehabber focuses on how to save money and profit with old fashion sweat equity, while having some fun. It's not work if you love what you're doing, right?

ask the rehabber

Since this is Ask-The-Rehabber®, ask any questions about real estate investing and home remodeling, just click on: 

Rehabber Answers to Questions

Ask The Rehabber is the website to keep the excitement going during Your remodeling projects!

Hi There, 

My name is Joe Trometer, Author of Ask The

I've been rehabbing houses over 30 years and love it! More about me... Joe the rehabber.

Yes, I do the work!

I started as a cook in a restaurant and gradually became an expert in the home remodeling and real estate investing business because practice makes perfect

If you have the passion like me no matter what your job may be, you'll become an expert too!

Share Your Experience and Ask Questions:

  • How-To Home Remodeling.
  • How-To Real Estate Investing.
  • How-To Landlord.
  • How-to be a Rehabber for profit and fun.

Because It's Motivating For All Of Us:

  • We don't have to wait to go to a real estate seminar.
  • People all over the World have homes to work on like you and me.
  • After the first project, it just keeps getting better and better!
  • Then we can have discussions in the Talk-About-It forums found in the left column.

There Is No Membership Fee Here! With my compliments...

I'm sharing with you my knowledge and experience, along with... 
Comments and suggestions from the Visitors who contribute in the Ask-The-Rehabber® forums.

I'll answer your questions and provide only reputable services or products. NOTE: Income from Sponsors, advertisers, my products, and merchants explained in my Disclosures. However, there is an abundance of complimentary and helpful information provided for you to aid in your success.

This website is my way of "Paying It Forward" for the gratefulness of my success...

Let's Get Started

The 1st 4-Steps here at ask the rehabber.

  1. Keep In Touch:

    Sign up for the rehabber newsletter for periodic tips on real estate investing and home remodeling.


    Subscribe to the Ask The Rehabber RSS feed with the buttons at the top of the left-hand column to keep up with the continuous updates posted on Ask The Rehabber. 

    If you share my desire to know what's happening with the current home remodeling and investing news...

    I've assembled live news feeds especially for ask the rehabber visitors for a Quick-At-Glance daily resource to stay informed with our home project and R/E investment plans, plus...

    You can write your comments and start your own editorial too! Ask the rehabber is not just about me! I probably should have named this site "ask the rehabber(s)", everyone is invited to join us!

    See the daily live news feeds that features the most important stories from Google and Bing pulled together for the home remodeling news and the real estate investing news from information sources world wide.

    This information is helpful to get focused on the next step...
  2. Your Ideas:

    Home remodeling and real estate investing start from an idea!

    My Home improvement ideas and beginner investor reports came about from questions I received from investors and home remodeling friends over the years.

    This is why I set up the Ask-The-Rehabber® website for you.

    First about home remodeling, then it continued into real estate investing conversations, and that lead to questions.

    I'm no superstar, like anyone I've overcame job-loss, divorce, disabilities, then, after 30 years... 

    I discovered home remodeling and real estate investing is what I love to do! I enjoy conversations and working with people who like to do what I do! No Boss, customers, or employees! How about you?

    I learned from talking about our ideas, are where we begin to develop our plans!

    Or... Realize that some ideas may not suit us.

    Are you interested in rehabbing houses or your home like I am? 
    When I got started doing fixer-uppers I had a lot of questions, maybe you have some as well.
    Which leads to the next step...
  3. Talk About It!
    Who better to discuss our ideas about home improvements or real estate investing than with people like ourselves, that share our interests?

    I exhausted my family and friends with talking about home improvements, remodeling, and investing.

    I know now I can only discuss my favorite topics with people like you and our visitors doing similar projects as we do.

    Now, You and I can talk about and ask questions with the 1,000s of visitors here at Ask The Rehabber.

    Here, we can work out our remodeling or investing plans with people like you and me who share the same interests to either save money or make money on our houses, apartments, or any real estate property.

    It's an added bonus and exciting to know others are doing the same thing we're doing, as we work on our own house projects.

    It's simple to do!

    Got a question?
    Why search all over the internet for an answer or wait 30 days to go to the next real estate investor club meeting? Ask your question now at Rehabber answers to questions.

    If you've been investing in real estate or doing your own home remodeling projects for a while, we would love to hear about your accomplishments!

    Not everyone believes the hype that do it yourself remodeling is possible. So please don't take my word for it!

    Share your real estate success story and start your own editorial.

    You will get replies and be an inspiration to beginners who could benefit from your story! Thanks in advance and our visitors thank you too!
  4. Then We Need the Motivation to get into Action!

    Motivation is the foundation to take an Idea into Action!

    Once we confirm our ideas from asking questions and reading about other real estate success stories, it's easier to come up with our own home improvements ideas.

    Yet, a plan alone, is not enough to get into action!

    I have used the late Earl Nightingale's presentation for many years to give me the boost I needed get the ball rolling.

    Watch Earl's video on the importance of motivation.

    What he says it true, "We Become What We Think About!"

Do you enjoy home remodeling? I sure do!

That's how I started, with home improvements on my own home!

kitchen rehabber

Real estate investing makes sense when you realize you already have the skills.

All I needed was a good solid plan.

Strategy Pages:

Remodeling and investing Is a Lifestyle unlike having a job.

It takes a real Passion for Work to get the job done! Even better, it's the daily experience I enjoy.

I Finally Figured Out:

How to make money in buying houses for profit!

And there's nothing out there like Ask-The-Rehabber® because...

It's full of examples and illustrations of a full time Do-It-Yourself home remodeler, that's me, plus...

Tips, Tricks and Strategies,

  • What I use
  • Where I get it
  • and How I get the job done profitably

    available to you 24 hours a day - every day - no charge!

Take a look around this website:

  • Ask questions
  • Access critical resources
  • Share our success stories to keep the motivation going
  • There is No membership fee
  • It's fun to participate in the forums

We enjoy the Daily Experience. That's often hard to find from having a typical job!

There is no hurry with Ask The Rehabber
"Plan Your Work and Work Your Plan"

Ask-The-Rehabber® Related Topics:

Use the Ask The Rehabber Resource Links to keep up on the Real Estate News, check the demographics in your area, browse local new directories, get real estate forms specific to your state, create your LLC, start a home based web business while your in-between rehab projects, and more.

Related Topics:

Commitment and Persistence...

I use my real estate license only for referral because remodeling houses appeals to me more than a job as a full time sales person's position.

Every time I would show or list a property, my thoughts were about what I can do with that property if I owned it
Now I'm committed to buying and selling fixer-upper properties!

When you'd rather be working on investment properties or looking to buy a home, using a Realtor® removes a huge amount of work and learning.

Real Estate Agents will do all the work and are persistent in finding properties you can remodel and then, help you find the buyers you need to make a profit.

I'd be delighted to refer a real estate agent for you if you don't have one - a must have to triple your profit with do-it-yourself remodeling, click here.

Do What You Do Best - and - Hire Out the Rest!

Build your Team of Professionals and add a licensed real estate agent to your team so you can focus on what your best at and what you enjoy. 

Same with an Attorney, CPA, and other related "Professional Service Providers".

Read more about real estate marketing system or if your would like to have a Licensed real estate Agent, Broker, or Realtor® contact you click here.

If you can't find your answers on the Ask The Rehabber site, Just Ask.

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Joe The Rehabber, an expert skilled tradesman. Do it yourself home remodeling combined with real estate investing more than 30 years... "Broken Homes" Keep Me In Business.
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