House Staging!
Staging a Home to Sell

Designer kitchen

House Staging is the:

"Model Home" Concept!

Staging a home may be mandatory to get the price you're hoping for.

Focus on the ways that you can turn your house into something amazing for people to look at.

Example: A bright kitchen; with all the lights on, the window shades open, and a simple flower arrangement will give a warm and welcoming feeling.

House staging is not a new concept. Builders have known that staging a home is what sells all the houses in the subdivisions before the houses are built.

Do Not leave it up to the imagination of the buyer! Staging creates the illusion a buyer can see with their own eyes that makes an impression for a buying decision. And your decorations do not have to be all that expensive!

Additional House Staging Topics:

Empty spaces require the most effort of the sales person to talk about every room including the curb appeal (landscaping) to stimulate the buyers' imagination on what they could do to decorate each space to make it a home.

It's also the most exhausting for all involved to get excited about an empty space and draining the imagination buying and selling process. The buyer is going to forget everything you said 15 minutes after they leave the property.

Home owners selling their home, with that lived in look, can be the worst of selling propositions!

Buyers have a hard time imagining how they will live in your home, with excessive personal belongings in sight.

Everything goes into a storage unit except basic furniture and needs.

Uncluttered, deodorized, and redecorate to be competitive in your market against all the professionally staged homes that are move-in ready.

House staging sells homes just like staging a:

  • RV Camper
  • Boat
  • Trailer home
  • Condos

    And just about any high ticket item being sold!

It's also known as a "Display"

In the retail business, displays are used to demonstrate the use of and excite the imagination of the buyer to make a purchase now instead of later decision.

Mannequins are used to display clothing.

A "staging set" or "display set" is used to sell everything from sporting goods to household appliances.

Staging a home stimulates the imagination for the buyer on how warm, cozy, and loving it would be to live in that home.

Now... Don't feel that you have to stage the house because house staging is a new fad! Do it to get the highest price and quickest sale possible.

Even though there are more companies popping up everywhere about staging a home to compliment the Television Home Makeover shows, you don't have to go over board. Do it yourself home staging will get you top dollar with a little determination and creativity.

Hiring a professional Staging Company

will cost as little as $300 for a consultation with a written plan you can follow for the do it yourself staging project. 

Or approximately $1,500 to hire a staging crew to do the work and staging set up for you depending on the size of your home.

Note: Fees do not include materials, props, or furniture.

Do it yourself home staging

Clean up, decorative accents, tasteful displays, and curb appeal are a must to get your home or investment property sold for the highest price in your current market area!

Clean and spacious!

  • Old furniture can work as well as new furniture
  • Expensive artwork on the walls look nice, and old clean pictures on the walls are better than a blank wall
  • Fresh paint is inexpensive, washing the walls are even less expensive
  • Same with carpet, clean it instead of replacing it unless its worn and really outdated

Less is More!

Use a few (rather than too many) props and displays to create the illusion of more space, and as a lead in for your buyer to consider their decorative ideas.

Curb appeal

House Staging starts with Curb Appeal

Your buyer won't want to see the inside of the house unless the outside looks inviting!

The photo of the house is simple but very clean looking where the shrubs with flowers set off the new driveway nicely.

The shrubs were trimmed and a few flowers were added for accent and color.

Remove all the weeds and a little mulch adds the finishing touch!

Curb appeal is how the house looks from driving by in front of the house. Many times I just kept on driving because the house simply looked like crap from the outside.

Focal points for curb appeal can easily start with the mail box when posted in the front yard on a postal motor route.

I get a real good laugh when I see a house for sale in the $100k range with a $10 dollar mailbox on a stick. First impressions? You decide.

Landscaping can be accomplished for under $100. Cut the grass, edge the sidewalk and driveway pull the weeds and plant a few flowers - even plastic colorful flowers will work well. A little fertilizer can make the lawn look luscious and inviting.

Power wash the house, scrape and paint, clean the windows, caulk where necessary, eliminate all stuff in the yard and hide the garbage cans.

House staging can be labor intensive but it doesn't have to be too expensive. Painting the front door and a clean refreshed look can make the deciding difference between sold and not sold. A few hundred dollars and a little work can increase the value by $10,000 and more - Really - I've done it more than once.

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