Importance of Motivation,
There's No Action Without it!

The Importance of Motivation is the 3rd chapter on Ask-The-Rehabber®.

We need these motivation skills - From the "Original Authors"!

Introducing the original Earl Nightingale, the creator of:

"You Become What You Think About"

Earl's video is free on YouTube. I listen to him often!

We all start Real estate investing or home remodeling with an idea.

Ideas come and go... We talk about the ideas that are important to us.

Click Here: for the importance of motivation for do-it-yourself home rehabbing.  Owning your project house, owning your own work, here's one way to think about it.

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Then our ideas turn into conversation! We talk about our important ideas with someone to get some feedback.

Who better to ask questions to than with someone with similar interests as yours?

The "Talk About It" section is where you can ask questionsand get answers from me and visitors that share similar interests as you.

Check in and talk about it with us, it really works - rehabber answers to questions can be very motivational for you like it is for me.

At this point you've realized your idea!

You've been talking about it for a while, although a conversation is stimulating, its not enough to move your idea into action!

It's Time for Action

What is your motive?

The importance of motivation is Deep Rooted in our minds for basic survival needs, our jobs, or daily routines, however...

For you, an entrepreneur as a real estate investor or, taking on a large home remodeling project requires a "learned motivation", that launches you into Action... With confidence!

This is not new!

There is the motivation goal setting theory that's an in-depth course of study that can become overwhelming.

I had to learn about getting motivated like any other successful person. I stick to the basic importance of motivation!

I don't teach motivational courses! Although when you have a conversation with me, you'll find that I'm inspirational.

I have studied and learned to became motivated. I found Earl Nightingale to be the foundation to keep me in the "Action" mode of achieving anything I want.

Note: Most every program of study, real estate and others; the Teacher will try to sell you, using motivational techniques from the great Authors!

We need these motivation skills too!

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