Old Window Frame

by Thao Hay
(Redwood City, Ca)


Where can I find a old window frame (home built in 1979) to replace 1 of the sliding window.


Reply by Joe Trometer

On the window, look on the lower corner of the glass to see if there is a manufacturer impression engraved on the glass.

Also, look on the inside edges of the window frame (the sash) to see if there is a manufacturer label. That would be a paper type sticker. Sometimes those do wear off on an old window frame. Maybe it'll be there for you.

If that information is there for you to find, contact the window manufacturer for the window frame and any or all parts to your old window.

If you're handy it might be easier to just replace the entire window.

Here's why...

You could buy a standard size window today and replace the entire window today, job done. Home Depot and Lowes carry replacement windows in stock.

I spoke to the Jeld-Wen window manufacturer rep and he said an old window frame replacement can be very close to the cost of entire window.

Hope this yelps you some Thao Hay,

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