One Home Exterior Remodeling Idea
Can Make a Huge Difference.

Shed plans is one home exterior remodeling idea and home improvement that will add value to your home, and extra storage space that we all can use.

I learned in several real estate investing programs that a well-built shed can be a valuable selling point.

Take a look at do it yourself shed plans. These are the shed plans I used to build my shed in the photo.

shed plans

A simple exterior remodeling idea using soap and water!

One thing I learned as a cook in the restaurant business is...

"Cleanliness is next to Goodliness!"

Curb Appeal starts with a nice clean home!

Wash the exterior siding and windows of the house. Power wash if you can, or washing the old fashion way using a scrub brush and regular garden hose works just fine.

I use Dawn Dishwshing liquid Soap, the secret soap used by many professional cleaning companies including me.

Dawn supports and helps the wildlife by giving Dawn dish washing liquid to clean wildlife affected by oil spills... That's how good it is! Inexpensive too!

Bushes and landscaping

Another home exterior remodeling idea

Affordable with noticeable eye appealing affects are:

A flower bed garden and landscaping with bushes and ornamental trees like a Japanese Maple as shown in the flower bed garden photo.

Landscaping check list:

  • Trimming bushes,
  • Trimming tree branches,
  • Sprucing up the flower beds,
  • Edging the sidewalks and driveway,
  • Fertilizing the lawn and killing the weeds.

Increase the curb appeal dramatically!
Very low-priced fertilizer and a few flats of flowers for a high impact.

Home Exterior Remodeling Idea Basics

  • A New Mailbox is very noticeable,
  • Repair or replace torn Screens,
  • Caulk all window and door seams,
  • Fill cracks in the driveway and sidewalks,
  • A new front door light fixture,
  • Add shutters to accent the windows,
  • A bird house... Simple, yet appealing.
Curb appeal

The home exterior remodeling idea for a Big Impact

The Major Home Improvements Plans:

  • New Windows

    Are very attractive, save energy on heating and cooling bills, and are a priority selling point for real estate investing and homeowners alike.
  • New Roof

    Only if necessary!
    New roofs are primary selling point for new home buyers.

    If you're going to replace the roof, I like dimensional shingles because they look nicer and last longer than the less expensive 3-tab roofing shingles.
  • New Siding

    Old house remodeling and rehabbing houses is what I do.
    Most older houses need new siding.
    If not, clean it as mentioned above.
  • New Cement

    New Concrete driveways and sidewalks are a major home improvement investment!

    Notice the nice curb appeal in the photo with the new driveway.

    For real estate investing, I only replace when required from City Inspection or

    to upgrade gravel driveways.

    A new driveway is very impressive and noticeable.

    Families with children make good use of a nice driveway for their play area.

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