How I Think Like A Rehabber
While Working On My
Real Estate Investment Houses.

Think Like A Rehabber For Fun and Profits.

Think like a rehabber for me, is better than...

What Someone Thinks,
I Should be Doing for Them!

What Do You Think About During Your Home Remodeling Projects?

1.) A do-it-yourself real estate investor is always thinking about their next project... Creative Financing, Profits, and Strategy.

2.) What does a house-rehabber think about during their remodeling project? I think about... Creative Results!

Thanks to Bob from Michigan for asking me. He was watching me dig an access to a crawl space in amazement.

He started with a compliment stating, "Joe, I've give you a lot of credit, that's a very nice hand dug hole in the ground".

Then he asked, "What do you think about when you're digging?"

Crawl space access

I Think Like A Rehabber!

This is a rather large hole for hand digging;five feet wide by six feet long, and five feet deep. 

Better than 5 yards of dirt and clay I removed systematically, with steps carved into the earth, for easy accessibility.

The purpose of this project is to replace an underground water supply line to the house in addition to creating an access to the crawlspace under the house. The original access was 16" X 32".

After decades of remodeling houses, it never occurred to me what I think about while I'm working.

I just know that I like what I do... a lot! I said, "I Think Like A Rehabber and focus on my work". It's down right exciting for me!

Dress Right Dress (a military term) and Square and True is what came to mind at first.

I think about Safety First, followed by Haste Makes Waste.

I've been digging this hole for hours and although a bit tired and sore, I enjoy the project. 

I dug this hole neatly, safely, without cave-ins.
Every shovel full made it into the wheel barrow.
I carved out steps as I went along, and focused at the task at hand without a worry in the world!

My mind was on the project because of One Major Factor...

Who Owns The Project?

I think like a rehabber because I own the property I'm working on!

I think like a contractor when I'm working for someone else... And I try not to do that too often, if ever, any more!

Okay, digging a hole, a nice hole, so what? Because that is one of the hardest physical jobs on the body and muscles, and for some reason I was lovin-it.

I took the time to hand dig it because I had the time.

It was too small of a hole for me to spend hundreds of dollars on a backhoe for fifteen minutes of digging and return the backhoe. And besides, for me, it's great exercise.

If I was contracting that job for a customer everything changes...

Time is of the essence...

The bid price would include renting a backhoe and at least one or two employees. All the thinking turns into thinking about:

- Profit
- Not losing money from oversight
- Employees calling in sick or getting injured.

The same exact job, done two different ways...

A rehabber who owns the property enjoys positive thinking, enjoyment, and fulfillment.


A contractor working for a boss or customer with stress to get the job done quickly.

Thanks to Bob for asking me the question and bringing this to my attention, I can now proudly say, "I Think Like A Rehabber".

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A Profound Realization

I agree with: "Do What We Love To Do!"

I've learned that from several personal development books. They've never been too clear on how to identify "what I love to do" other than, "If that's what you like to do, you'll know it".

What I Think About When I'm Working

When my mind is on my work and time passes by unknowingly!
The project looks pleasing to the eye, 
nobody gets hurt (safety first), 
and the work area is neat and tidy, just the way I like it!

I'm having a good time and nobody to bother me. That's why I'm a do-it-yourself investor!

Alternatively, take the same job, or any job:

If your mind is thinking of getting off work,
being somewhere else,
rather be doing something else,
and can't wait for a day off...

Thinking about anything other than the remodeling project at hand could mean:

We probably don't like our job that well, other than getting paid for it.

That's exactly how I felt! My saying as an employee used to be, "I like my work, but hate my job!"

Jobs for customers and working for employers tend to be loaded with an over shadowing threat of fear:

  • A constant threat of termination
  • Loss of benefits and lowering wages
  • Can't take a vacation when you want it
  • Constant criticism
  • And what about those annual reviews...
    "Your work performance okay but, you can do better!"

No wonder we can't keep our minds on our work!

In addition to that:

A fellow employee, 
a disgruntled customer,
a low-level boss dumping their problems on us while we're trying to work...

...Creates a serious effect of, "Garbage In - Garbage Out" affecting the mind and how we think!

By the way, "garbage in - garbage out" is not just about computers. If you hear garbage words into your mind, garbage out is ill feelings and lowered emotions... Cause and effect!

Disclaimer: It may not be all that bad.

I've had a couple of really cool jobs and just one really great boss!

It's just that I decided if I can choose anything I want to do, 
how I would do it,
and who I would do it for:

Being a real estate investor works best for me!
Now I think like a rehabber! 
Not like an employee, the hired help, or a contractor.

Intense Focus

I know I like what I'm doing when I'm so focused on my project, nothing distracts me!

Working for others are full of distractions!

As a do-it-yourself real estate investor, It just keeps getting better and better.

The more I like my projects, the more projects I want to do, and of course the profits get better and better along the way too!

I've learned to think like a rehabber and a real estate investor when I got serious about me!

I realized that I was a brainwashed employee. It took years to undo that effect!

The Next Project

If there is anything I think about other than the task at hand, it's usually the next project.

When I think like a rehabber on a whole house rehab project, it involves dozens of home remodeling tasks.

I always have a small pad with me to make a list of the materials and tools I need as I go. Proper planning of course leads to a more efficient job site.

When shopping for materials, I usually buy for two or three projects at a time.

If I run out of materials while working one project, I can move on to any project I have materials on site for.

A Real Time Saver

Rarely do I ever stop what I'm doing on a task to go the store and buy something! That's at least an hour or two hour time killer. I'll be back the next day and pick up materials and supplies in route to and from home.

Owning our own business as a real estate investor allows us to use creative thinking! For me, this means a lot of freedom!

To think like a rehabber, I am free from other worries and enjoy my work tremendously... A good place to be.

"Think Like A Rehabber" may be a silly title, yet I found a lot of meaning and assurance that I am doing what I love to do. And I know friends that are doing the same thing I'm doing, and are loving-it too!

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