Is Rehabbing Houses
Right for You?

Rehabbing houses construction

Rehabbing houses became a slang word in the early years of 2000.

Used by real estate investors who:

  • Buy investment houses that need repairs.
  • Fix-up, remodel, and renovate.
  • Sell those houses for a profit.
  • Or rent those houses.

Rehabbing houses better defined would be: Rehabilitating houses.

This is "Real Estate Investing"!

Many investors I know, especially beginners, want to call themselves a rehabber because its a cool sounding word and can come across as being impressive.

I call my self Joe the rehabber not to impress you...

...To relate to those in the real estate investing business, and the home remodeling & home improvements industry.

They understand exactly what type of work I'm doing.

Decide What You Do Best and the Work You Enjoy Most.

Recognize the difference between do-it-yourself, hiring workers, or hiring and managing contractors with their employees.

Rehabbing houses with scaffolding and picks

When you are working the skilled trades yourself, by all means call yourself a rehabber.

When you hire out the home renovations as an investor, your a manager.

In the construction business working for customers, you would be the general contractor.

A wholesaler is a salesperson bringing 2 parties together, the seller and the buyer. In this case, many times without a real estate license.

The difference between me, Joe the Rehabber, and many real estate investors are... I do the work.

Introductory to rehabbing houses full time.

I'm a skilled tradesman from previous employment.

Yet I started working on my own home while employed as a cook!

I got into remodeling houses while still working at a job by accident in 1977 with my first home... It needed a lot of work.

Then I became an investor in 1984 from a real estate investment training seminar.

I earned my licenses in real estate, construction, and HVAC.

Note: You don't have to be licensed to remodel your own home.

I worked my way up from repairs and maintenance on my own home, 

to demolition and renovation, plus a few rental units.

Rehabbing houses and building a garage

Over 4 decades of experience with:

  • Construction.
  • Electrical circuits, and specialty lighting.
  • Plumbing with copper, pvc, pex.
  • Furnaces, air conditioning, and duct work.
  • Gas piping with iron and flex pipe.
  • Humidifiers, air cleaners, and dehumidifiers.
  • Finish carpentry.
  • Hard wood flooring installation and refinishing.
  • Carpet, ceramic tile, vinyl tile, and linoleum.

Over many years I learned one skill at a time:

  • Windows, interior and exterior doors.
  • Insulation and building ventilation.
  • Demolition and rebuilding.
  • Landscaping and excavating.
  • Drywall, plaster, and painting.

The more I did, the more I realized I could do, it became fun...

  • Cement: Flat work and footings.
  • Laying brick, block, and stone.
  • Trenching, underground pipe, and drains.
  • Roofing and chimneys.
  • Siding, soffits, and bending trim on a break.
  • Gutters, downspouts, and directing water away from the house.

I had to do it myself, I could not afford to pay for labor...

  • Kitchen layout, cabinets, and the work triangle.
  • Bathroom showers, tubs, vanities, sinks, and design.
  • Drains, waste, and vent pipes.
  • Basement floor drains and sump pumps.

My side-work became full time - I love what I do now!

  • Jacking up houses, walls, and floors.
  • Decks, sheds, and garages.
  • Fences, flower gardens, and vegetable gardens.
  • Underground sprinkler systems.

Trucks, tools, trailers, equipment - Gotta have the tools!

Rehabbing houses replacing rim joists

Rehabbing houses is what I love to do, for me, its even better than golf.

Titles are not important. Making a profit and construction safety are!

Identify Your expertise!

I refer to myself as a skilled tradesman rehabbing houses.

I'm clear about what I do, what I can do, and what I love to do.

Because I know specifically what I do, rehabbing houses in my local market, works best for me.

I buy house within about 10 mile of my home. 

I can specifically study about my local neighborhood market place.

  • Property investors,
  • Real estate sales people,
  • Wholesale investors,
  • and General contractor managers

Can work long distances throughout their State, all across America, and multiple Countries.

Identify Your strengths!

The part of buying, remodeling, and selling houses that you enjoy doing.

Focus on your expertise and study about your specialty areas of interest.

Bending metal trim with break

Where would you like to go from here...

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