Reasonable Accommodation From New Landlord

I have lived in the same apartment in California under Sec.8 HUD now for twenty years with no problems... until recently.

The apartments have recently been bought by a new company and we now have a new property management company as well. However the apartment manager remains the same.

On January 24th. of this year I received a general information brief in my mail box concerning the new owners intent to refurbish all the apartments here. This is the ONLY printed information I have received.

I have been told by our regular property manager that I have to box EVERYTHING up in my apartment and have it removed from my apartment. I was told my two cats had to be removed as well. If I could not do this I had to move.

The new owners are apparently known for doing this with many apartments in California and other states. They advertise their pride in NOT having to relocate any residents. It was stated in the January 24th notice that tenants may need to be out of their apartments for about one week during business hours.

I am a Disabled Senior Citizen of 68 years. I am not capable of doing this. Not only physically boxing up EVERYTHING, but in removing it from my apartment. I have NO where to put anything. Nor do I have money to have it done. I am on an extremely fixed income.

I guess what I am looking to find are my rights as a renter and as much information I can concerning 'Reasonable Accommodations' that apply to me in this situation.

On June 13th. I sent a Request for Reasonable Accommodation to the new company extensively detailing the problems that I've had here and requesting either they provide someone to help with boxing up everything or bypassing my renovations until I no longer live in this apartment.

I now have an appointment (in my apartment!) with the new regional property manager to discuss my request which I hope goes well. Information is power and I know it's short of time but any help would be greatly appreciated.

ANSWER from JoeTheRehabber:

I'm sorry to hear your landlord putting such a burden on you!

I hope the new Landlord does the right thing and provides you help from your Request for Reasonable Accommodation!

For Starters...

I would call your Case Worker for Section 8 HUD to ask if they can offer any help or guidance.

You might want to call your Local City or Township Building Department to let them know about the renovations and your disposition. Ask the Building Inspector if your new owner has pulled Permits for the renovations that is forcing you to move, if only temporarily.


Are there any provisions in your Lease that allows the Owner to make you box up your belongings and leave?
Usually, there is just a provision for Inspections with a 24 hour notice given.

Contact your Local Senior Citizen Groups. Contact them and tell them what is happening at your place of residence and the Demands the Landlord is making on you. Maybe they can help and or offer some guidance.

I wish you all the best during this time of hardship at your rental home.

I hope this helps you some.

Best regards,

Joe Trometer


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Thank you:-)

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