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Put it in Writing

I use a lease prepared by an Attorney from my State!
However, if you are interested in viewing a complimentary rental / lease agreement and information about landlord tenant rights, go to landlord forms.

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    Help! I Need A Good Rental Agreement 
    Hey gang! 1st time landlord here. I found a generic landlord-tenant agreement for California online and was planning on adapting it for Massachusetts. …

    Garbage Disposal for Rental Units 
    We are remodeling a 40 year old condo that is on the third floor. This will be a low end rental unit. Should we put a garbage disposal in? …

    Landlord Credit Reports 
    How to eliminate tenant worries with Landlord credit reports. To get continuous, on-time, rent payments, we must do our "Due diligence" (inspections) …

    Tenant Did Not Move Out  
    I opted not to renew the month to month lease and gave my tenant thirty days to move out. The tenant was upset about my asking them to vacate, wanted …

    Evicting A Bad Tenant 
    Evicting A Bad Tenant How Much Stress Can A Landlord Tolerate? The photo is the result of a neighbor's call about a Tenant passed-out on the …

    Water Bills on Rental Units 
    Is there anyone who rents an apartment that doesn't have water and sewage included with their rent? How does your landlord charge you for the water …

    Breaking a Lease 
    We moved to another State and leased a home over the internet. The pictures were beautiful and the real estate property manager gave us a week of free …

    Starting the Eviction Process 
    I am starting the eviction process with an evasive tenant. I have done evictions before and successfully evicted tenants, without money issues. …

    Roof Repair 
    The Tenant never told me the house needed Roof Repair! I went over to my rental to get a new hot water tank operational and noticed a water leak in …

    Seven Day Eviction Notice 
    I have paid my rent on time, every time, since I rented my apartment 6 months ago. My landlord has issued me five, seven day eviction notices, after …

    Duplex Sound Abatement 
    Hi Joe, I see you have a duplex. Mine has thin walls which is causing stress for my tenants because they hear the normal "living noises" from the …

    Reasonable Accommodation From New Landlord Not rated yet
    I have lived in the same apartment in California under Sec.8 HUD now for twenty years with no problems... until recently. The apartments have recently …

    Legal - being sued by neighbor  Not rated yet
    I am a landlord and the homeowner next door is suing me for personal injury, claiming a leak from my property caused him to fall and break a leg on his …

    Student approval? Not rated yet
    Hi! To keep this short & sweet, I'm moving to Alabama for school. I won't have a job upon arrival, but I do want to rent my own off campus studio. …

    Your Feedback On Roommate Rental Agreement Not rated yet
    I'm a California homeowner. I'm renting out a room in my place and put together this 2 page month-to-month agreement. I'm trying to avoid bringing …

    House Was Rented With Option To Buy.  Not rated yet
    Landlord is not providing a safe environment by not making necessary repairs according to Codes. The Landlord is having work done to barely

    Unauthorized Occupant in Rental Unit Not rated yet
    Sub-letting From A Lease Holder? I moved in to a room in New York in an apartment with no written contract. The ad stated, "Looking for someone who …

    Unauthorized Tenant Not rated yet
    My Renter just moved in an unauthorized Tenant. This is against his rental / lease agreement as he was the only one who signed the lease. Now he moved …

    Should I Buy A Rental Unit? Not rated yet
    There's a rental unit nearby that is a duplex for $69,000. The rents are $500 each, both are rented, and the building is in good repair. After the …

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Landlord Topics

This is an Open Forum for quick answers and reminders on keeping Your rental units Full, Safe, and Profitable!

The Landlord forum is not legal advice, I recommend using an Attorney!

The advice and experience from Landlords and Property Managers may be invaluable for you!

I built my rental business from asking questions...
I encourage you to participate by asking questions, and answering questions... Let's help each other! It is better than going to meetings.

If you have a question and Need a Quick Response...
click here and get started. No "log-in" or "passwords", just start typing your question.

We all have questions

When I first got started 30 years ago, the Internet wasn't available to share information between landlords. Tenants didn't have a place to ask questions to landlords either!

Common Questions and Stories:

  • How to find Renters
  • Rental Applications
  • Tenant Credit Check
  • Qualification Report
  • Employment Verification
  • Lease Agreements
  • Joint Tenancy
  • Inventory Checklist
  • Lead Paint Disclosure
  • Criminal Records
  • Sex Offenders
  • Rejection Notices
  • Tenant Welcome Letter
  • Tenant Move Out Letter
  • Rental Unit Inspections
  • Breaking a Lease
  • Rental Violation Notice
  • Tenant Alterations and Repair Agreements
  • Repair and Maintenance Request
  • Collection Requests
  • Damage Notification
  • Tenant Violation Notice

Keep it Real, and Keep it Legal

Go ahead and ask Your question in the Landlord Forum.
It just may save you days of searching or having to buy another real estate program!

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