Several Home Remodel Ideas
To Choose From

Antique dining room chandelier

There are many home remodel ideas to choose from depending on your budget or skills.

In the photo I used a chandelier to replace a cheap one bulb light fixture.

Nobody knows about my personal problems, but many folks love my work!

Maybe a project will work for you when planning your own home remodel ideas. It works for me!

Projects I do that take the focus off me,
turns the spotlight on my work, 
for rewarding conversations. That's a real nice feeling.

Pride in workmanship, go a long way.

Kitchens and bathrooms are the most used rooms and have the highest return on our investment.

Note: After kitchens and baths are additional home remodeling ideas further down.

Here is the remodeling kitchens section with additional kitchen remodeling ideas, but I'll touch on it lightly here to give you some examples of costs.

Remodeling kitchens and bathrooms may require demolition, at a much higher cost.

A larger home remodeling plan may include:

New purchases...

  • Kitchen cabinets,
  • Appliances,
  • Granite counter tops,
  • Bath tub and showers,
  • Sinks and faucets,
  • Plumbing and electrical changes.

Here is the remodeling bathrooms section with addtional bathroom remodeling ideas and tips for a do it yourself bathroom remodel.

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Less expensive home improvements can offer eye appeal and a fresh new look.

Let's start with the basics.

Painting is the single best choice to make an old home look new again.

We can get very creative with the many choices of colors, finish textures, plus... Accenting trim and baseboard colors.

See more about interior painting ideas.

sliding dimmer light switch

Lighting Fixtures

Home remodel ideas that are less work:

  • Changing ceiling light fixtures in the bedrooms,
  • Adding a chandelier in the dining room,
  • Changing wall plug receptacles,
  • Adding Dimmer switches to light fixtures,

    Choose from a variety of styles of elegance to theme based and novelty fixtures.

Exterior light fixtures for the front and rear entrance doors also come in a variety of themes including, antique lights and security lights.

If you would enjoy getting some flattering comments like I do, even one new light fixture or painting one wall goes a long way.

Moldings and Baseboards

Painting is the less expensive choice!

Painting baseboards, window, and door moldings with contrasting paint colors make them look fresh and attractive.

If you really want to be a Superstar, bigger projects for greater rewards...

Replacing baseboards and molding would be more aggressive than the basic home remodeling ideas, however, the visual effects can be remarkable.

Fluted window and door moldings with rosette blocks and base styles are very fashionable.

Moldings come in a variety of wood types:

  • Natural oak,
  • Douglas fur (a clear pine),
  • Maple,
  • other Natural woods when available,
  • and Composite materials ready for painting.

Choose from a variety of molding width sizes, from 2-1/2 to 6 inches, to fit and match up with any room size.

Molding Finishes

I like high gloss urethane or linseed oil offer a brilliant look that makes every door and window look like a new and well-designed picture frame.

Area rug on re-finished oak floor

Flooring and Carpet

Quick and easy home remodel ideas for flooring could be new carpet and area rugs.

Local carpet suppliers usually have installers that can complete an entire home in one day.

A fantastic alternative to carpet is hard wood floors.

Once I took the time to learn how to install and refinish hard wood floors,

I became a conqueror of difficult projects. If I could figure it out - anyone can. All it takes is practice!

I like hard wood floors because they are easier to clean and healthier than carpet.

I've found a variety of area rugs in my local stores to accent the floors, and still have the warm feeling of wall-to-wall carpet under my feet.

Buy the way, a new area rug over old wall-to-wall carpet can make a significant change to a room's appearance quick and easy.

Stylish area rugs can add exceptional beauty to room on wood floors.

Area rugs can be changed and rotated throughout the house, and in many cases not to expensive to replace if damaged or soiled beyond cleaning.

Even the smallest home remodeling projects make me feel good and I come out smelling like a rose!

Practice makes perfect!

Tell us about your real estate success story and how you made your home remodel ideas into a profit or pleasure. We'd love to here from you.

Where would you like to go from here...

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