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Paint swatches

I can share how I choose my colors and my interior painting ideas, but the real choice of colors should be Your Favorite Colors.

To a beginner, choosing a color can be a daunting task!

The big mistake I made on my first house was painting everything white.

I didn't take the time to choose colors, plus I was a beginner!

Some of you may be laughing because maybe you've made the same mistake or know someone who ended up with a "White House"!

I've seen all white houses too many times.
I feel all white is good for a hospital, but not a home.

As shown in the photo, paint swatches are a valuable tool for color selection.

I have over 30 years in home remodeling and I've done a lot of painting!

For a thorough guide to interior painting from a Painter with 20 years experience, start painting today with his eBook,

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My favorite colors are a very light glow (pastels) of green, blue, cream colors that have a yellow / tan tone, and white to accent my favorite colors.

I relate my paint colors to Earth Tones.

  • Blue for the sky and water.
  • Green for the trees, lawns, and shrubs.
  • Cream Colors for sand, stone, and the sun that absorb and reflects shades of the prisms of daylight.

I find it soothing and warming with the lighter colors that make a room feel larger, fresh, and airy.

It seems that most of my interior painting ideas with the lighter colors fit best in the old house remodel properties I work on with smaller rooms.

Darker paint colors work very well in large rooms, with large windows, that let the sunlight in.

I still stick to my favorite colors on the darker shades.

Darker colors work well when coordinated with an interior design that match with the furniture, draperies, and flooring color coordination.

If your budget allows, consider hiring an Interior Designer that can provide a full color presentation.

The Paint Texture:

These are my interior painting ideas, if you would like to add your suggestions click here.


I like the Eggshell finish for the walls.

It's nice like a flat finish, not shinny, and is similar to the satin finish. Plus, it cleans up very well for smudges.

Trim: Unpainted Natural Wood

My first choice for window and floor molding is the natural wood that I coat with linseed oil.

Oak and Douglas Fur (pine) coated with linseed oil will age (darken a bit) over time to a natural red/brown tone. Linseed oil can be wiped on every few years to freshen the look.

The old shellac finishes turned very dark brown to an almost black shade. Shellac doesn't hold paint well so I strip or run the moldings through my planer and remove the shellac.

Then I wipe on a thin coat of linseed oil for a fresh new look. It's hard work but, that's what I like to do.

Trim: Painted

I like white trim with a semi-gloss finish unless it's an Interior Designer's project as mentioned above.

Semi-gloss for the trim stands out like an elegant picture frame and its very easy to clean.

White ceilings accent the wall colors and pulls together well with white moldings.

...Just to give you some ideas.

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Paint Tints:

Interior painting Ideas for the creativity in You.

I have about 10 bottles of 1-pint color paint tints.
I found them at a paint store and bought the whole set.
I use them to match old painted rooms if I'm repairing just 1 wall.

Sometimes I get brave and make my own colors. That adds an extra creativity to the project, because...

Many of the paint swatches at the paint stores don't have light enough colors for me.

For example: By adding 6 to 10 drops of blue-tint to a gallon of paint, I made a very light sunny day sky-blue.

Just because I want to get a little creative and make home remolding a little more exciting.

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Paint Roller Covers:

I like the lamb's wool roller covers. The type of roller cover you choose will show a texture in the dried paint finish if you look close enough.

Many people don't notice or care about this, however...

The lambs wool cover adds a fine stipple, I think adds a little class and eye appeal to the paint job.

To try to explain the stipple look would be like the choice of brush strokes an artist would use on a canvas oil painting.

Other interior painting ideas including sponge painting, stencils, faux painting, and the list goes on. 

Your walls can become a work of art if you like. Just hitting on the basics here.

Remember - if you don't like the color you painted. It only takes a 2 to 3 gallons to repaint paint a room. Don't pick up your drop clothes right a way...

Let the paint dry for a day and repaint. It's not that expensive and, it's better than living with a color you don't like - wouldn't you agree?

We repaint every 5 to 10 years... That's a long time if the color is wrong for you.

I admit, it wouldn't be the first time I made a wrong color choice and decided to repaint a room.

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