Lead Based Paint Program
in Home Remodeling
Causes Poisonous Dust.

Controlling the dust created from lead based paint during home remodeling is a concern for home owners during home improvements and...

A serious concern for real estate investing rehabber projects.

Read up and ask questions below about the lead paint program rules on how it can affect you.

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Lead based paint program

The EPA-RRP Rule:

EPA: Environmental Protection Agency is a USA Government Agency.

RRP Rule: Renovation, Repair, and Painting Rule.

As of April 22, 2010, Federal Law Requires:

  • Renovation firms must be certified under EPA's 
    Renovation, Repair and Painting Rule.
  • Individuals must be trained in lead-safe work practices.
  • Training providers must be accredited by EPA.

You can comments on the RRP-Rule and lead testing! Even add your own lead based paint editorial.

Do you do home remodeling projects that disturb areas containing lead in the old paint? Do you have questions or can you help our visitors overcome the challenges we're facing with the RRP rules...

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Find out more at EPA.gov/lead, to be fully informed in following safe work practices to protect your home remodeling project from lead dust contamination.

Real estate investing in 1978 and older homes just became more costly! Be sure we don't contaminate an entire home with lead dust from disturbing lead paint found in the painted walls,

Or disturb...

Any building material containing lead paint during our home improvements, remodeling, and repair projects.

New Lead Paint Program Tools, Forms, and Certifications.

Containing the dust in a home remodeling project or any "Targeted Housing" project as outlined in the EPA-RRP Rule guidelines will require workers and do-it-yourself home remodeling investors to equip ourselves with:

  • Protective clothing and respirators.
  • Hepa vacuums and negative air machines.
  • Rolls of 4 to 6 mil plastic to contain our work areas.
  • Approved lead test kits.
  • Forms and documentation to follow "Proper Work Practices".
  • Lead warning pamphlets for our customers, buyers, and renters.

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What Do You Think About The
Lead Based Paint Program Rules?

The EPA-RRP Rule. Renovation, Repair, and Painting in homes in 1978 and older that contain Lead Paint can be hazardous to our health.

Ask questions and see what other are saying about the lead based paint program.

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