remoldeling shower, bathroom

by Leroy S Mahoney
(Philadelphia Pa)

I was wondering, once I tear down the shower wall, and install the green board. I would like to use ceramic tile.

My question to you is do I have to use the wonder board for my ceramic wall instead of the green board?

Answer from Joe

Hi Leroy, thanks for the question.


You are correct in using the wonder board (cement board) instead of the green board (water resistant drywall or wallboard) in the wet areas of your shower wall.

In other areas of the shower room that don't have a constant or direct water contact, I use the green board because of the resistance to the high moisture content of the room.

There isn't a very high cost difference between the regular drywall (or wallboard) and the green water resistant wallboard, so I usually do the entire room in the green board to resist mold... that is, if you're doing a complete room renovation.

Also, since ceramic (and porcelain) tile adheres very well to the wallboard as it does the wonder board, I have no problem installing tile directly to the wall board in areas like the back splash behind the sink, other wall areas in the room, and for baseboards.

Hope this help you out some Leroy.

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