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Thank you for taking the time to fill out the real estate referral form.

I, Joe Trometer will personally review your information for submission to the Referral Center.

If my Broker needs any further information, they will contact me, and I will contact you directly.

Contact Joe Trometer (click here) if I can help you any further!

A couple reminders...

If you're a real estate Investor or a Rehabber...
Having a Professional Realtor® on your Team is advantageous.

Are you still unsure? Go back and review The real estate marketing system.

Aggressive Realtors® provide real estate investor solutions!

  • A real estate marketing system
  • Ready available market statistics for your review
  • Contracts, Forms, Check lists
  • A variety of real estate resources.

Yes, it's fairly easy to get a real estate license...
But the license doesn’t make you:

  • A Realtor®
  • A Professional salesperson
  • A Negotiator
  • Market savvy in your market area
  • Up to date on R/E law
  • Proficient on R/E contracts
  • Connected with the Realtor's® inner circle in your area.

Hire a Licensed Real Estate Agent as part of your "Team Building Plan". But not just any Agent!

You want a Licensed Professional with a sense of urgency to provide the service you need on a timely basis.

When our company places a referral for you, 

- We are repeat business and receive a higher level of service,
- We try to match you with an experienced, full time Licensed Professional suited to your needs.
- That's a higher level of service and experience for you!

Simply complete the real estate referral form above, and I'll get to work for you right away!

Once again...

You are not obligated to work with the Realtor® we refer to you, 
You simply agree to talk with them.

If you would like to review the page that discusses the value of having a Licensed Agent contact you through the Referral Center, click on Real Estate Marketing System

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