Create Money with
Land Contracts,
Intellectual Property,
and Websites...

Can You Really Create Money? Yes, but...

It's going to take some Thinking and Motivation!

Desperate for Money? 
"They" tell us to live within our means! 
That's Just Not A Good Enough Answer!

You say, "I can't afford it". Come-on...

The question to yourself should be, "How Can I Afford It?"

Anyone can afford anything if they sincerely desire to afford it! But it's going to take Work and Planning.

"Work" has become a Bad Word! Yet it's Human Nature to work - really it is!

The "Real Estate Guru's" lure us to buy programs to make:

  • Huge amounts of money
  • In short periods of time
  • With little to no work
  • With little to no risk
  • With no money down

The fact is, it does take Time and Work.

If your like me, I've bought a few real estate programs (okay, I've bought a lot of them).

The thing they all have in common is that they all require a lot of work! Just reading the material they send is work itself. Doing what the programs tell us to do becomes a job.

The problem with any money making idea...
We think about the money, and not about the work it takes to make the money!

However, if you take the action steps in most programs, the money they promise you will make, is usually possible.

The dilemma surfaces when those "action steps" go against our grain - we just don't like that type of work. It doesn't fit our personality traits!

Now what are you going to do? I have a few solutions to this problem that's taken me 30 years to figure out. Take a few minutes and read on, it's worth the 5-minutes.

But first, if you want to figure out your personality traits like I did, may I recommend the book "Discover Your Strengths" by Marcus Buckingham. You can get it at

Create Money and Make Money by Doing What You Enjoy!

It's a whole lot more fun that way...

If you enjoy rehabbing like me, than buying and selling properties is part of the process.

We all know about earning money from a job, "A day's pay for a day's work."

When I rehab a property, I create money in addition to the money you could say, I'm earning. I add value by installing quality materials with my own two hands. Yes, I like to do the work.

Here is the creating money part: If I did a month’s work at a job for a months pay - that's it, I'm done.

Now when I do a months work as a Rehabber, I significantly increase the value of the property in many cases by 10s of 1000s of dollars. True, I don't get paid until I sell or rent the property, that’s just the nature of the business.

#1) Rehabbers Create Value! That's one way to create money.

#2) When renting properties, creating money is from buying a property and getting someone else to pay for it, in addition to collecting a positive monthly cash flow.

While this is a way of making money, it can be labor intensive if you're a hard-working landlord like me. Management, maintenance, accounting, and customer service for the residence is a job... That I do happen to enjoy!

You will need legal forms and contracts specific to your State and Country. Look in the right hand column of this page for Contracts and Legal Forms.

Create Even More Money with Land Contracts

#3) Then when you sell it on a Land Contract, you earn interest on the money you've created.

In fact, if you carry the land contract for 10 years or so, you can double, triple, or more, the profits from the value you created.

Get more details from the Land Contract pages in this site. Here's a shortcut link to get the full story.

More about Land Contracts

Create Money with Intellectual Property

Are you doing it Backwards like I've been doing it for way too long?

Borrowing money (creating debt), then trying to invest in real estate? Well that way works... I've been doing that hard way too, but now...

When you create money from a:
- Business, 
- An investment, 
- Or now from the ever so popular method of selling information from a book, blog, or website...

Then reinvest that money into real estate, 
- Create money further by adding value by rehabbing,
- Collect interest on the profits by selling on Land Contracts, 
- Add the tax advantages to multiply your profits, 
Is a multiple streams of income method to consider...

Create money first! Then invest in real estate, Build and develop your "system" of making money. It's just a suggestion... It’s a big picture overview of how to make the most of being a smart rehabber.

Rehabbers aren't dummies you know!
Just because we work with our hands doesn't mean we don't work our minds too. In fact it takes just as much mindful work, working the skilled trades, as it does doing the physical work. Yup, we do both!

#4) Build a website...

Ask-The-Rehabber® is a another method I use to create money, so I can do more of what I love to do... 
- Get the money to invest in real estate,
- So I can do my rehabbing. That's were the fun is! It's that Daily Experience that makes up my Lifestyle of Pleasure!

So, if you haven't already started something in the "America's Information Age", and you want to Create Money to do more rehabbing or what ever...

At least take a look at what all the rage is about...

  • Own a work at home part time business
  • That you can do while or in-between rehab projects
  • So you can create money at your leisure
  • By talking about (any subject) what you love to do
  • and Build Your website!

Build Your Website - get the info!

Did you know that there are thousands of internet guru programs just like there are real estate guru programs?

And just like the real estate programs; well, they just don't seem to give you all the information you need to get the whole project done. So we buy more programs, go to seminars, and so on...

They Got Me Again!

It's taken me almost a full year; 
I spent $4068.00 that I kept tract of, on internet guru programs that lead me down that "path of promise" until I stumbled-upon...

A full and complete website, where everything is included, for half the price it cost me for my flooring-nailer and a box of nails.

We're Rehabbers; we spend 10s of 1000s of dollars on a single rehab project! We have debts in the 100s of 1000s of dollars and of course love every bit of it.

We can make money from incurring debt...

Now think about the profits from doing the same thing without incurring debt!

Create the money we need to buy properties, instead of borrowing it!

For a measly $299, Ask-The-Rehabber® Was Created - From Thin Air!

  • I brainstormed the topic about what I love to do
  • I searched for key words to help you, find me
  • They showed me how to build a web page without learning html
  • They included my domain name
  • They host my site for me
  • They send it to all the search engines for me
  • They included a blog for me
  • They included an e-zine for me
  • Everything is Included!

    Hey, even a money back guarantee... big deal, what's $299 compared to $1000s in over-runs on a typical rehab?

I'm having so much fun... Not only do I get to do what I enjoy - being a Rehabber, I get to write about it and help others do what I like to do too.

So if there is something for sale on my site that a fellow rehabber is going to buy anyway and I make a buck or two...

Well, you wouldn't hold that against me with all the free helpful information here to enjoy, would you?

Now, you can create money in-between rehab projects with a part-time web business that,
- You can take your time with, 
- Have fun writing about your pleasures in life,
- Start creating money
- Check it out. They explain everything on video and in print. 
- It's all on line, your not going to get a bunch of "crap in a box" that sits on top of all the other guru programs.

By the way, this not a guru program at all, they're a website company that gives you all the tools you need, that the internet guru's try to sell you separately for $1000s where we have to try to put the puzzle together.

Here's all the pieces of the puzzle in one place, for a ridiculously low price, with full service and support, plus a free forum of fellow website owners to help you along the way, just like this Ask-The-Rehabber® site.

It's never been easier to create money...

It's a piece of cake, take a peek, click on the link below.

Build a Website to Create Cash for Real Estate Investing

Trademarks. Protect Your Intellectual Property

#5) I just wanted to point out that creating a name you can put a Trademark™ on is something you can sell or use to make money with. This is legal stuff to discuss with your Attorney.

Where would you like to go from here...

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