Plan Your Work,
Work Your Plan,
Remodeling is not a Race,
It's a Project Plan!

goal step by step

Remodeling is Not a Race!
It's a system to work your plan from a series of simple steps.

The problems that surface are wasted time and wasted money.

Remodeling a fixer upper is not a's a process of systems.

Plan your work and work your plan:

  • Buying Process
  • Remodeling and Repair Process
  • Selling or Renting Process
  • Accounting or Record Keeping Process
  • Marketing throughout the Process

There is no hurry to find a great real estate deal!

You will find a deal every time you set out to find one,
and consistently.

There is no hurry to complete the project. A timely schedule of repairs and remodeling will get the project completed on time.

The rush-rush, and the hurry and furry to get things done are usually related to wasting time, and possibly unwanted accidents! Click on construction saftey and be safe.

mindmap brainstorming planning
  • When you have your Investment Goals set,
  • When you have a real estate project plan for work,
  • When you have a time table from start to finish,
  • Remodeling projects go fairly smoothly.
  • "Plan your work and work your plan!"

Project completed as planned...

There may be some setbacks, oversights not planned for, hidden defects, and we can plan for those too.

Add at least 10% to the money budget and 10% to the time table to allow for oversights, bad weather, hidden damage, or a sale that doesn’t close.

You may want to altar your percentage rates as high as 25% or more just to cover yourself.

"Haste Makes Waste!"

Real Estate Investing Is Not A Race!

There is no hurry to get 10 hours work done in 6 hours, or 2 months work done in one week!

planning blueprints couple

Sit down with your family or partner, work your plan out, go over the blue prints or project plan and start making the phone calls to your Team of Professionals

Rushing remodeling projects Take the Fun Out of the business. Who wants to work in that environment?

Have you ever had that job with a boss constantly rushing everyone?

The more he rushes you... well, I've experienced a mutiny where the more they rushed us, the less we did.

There's a saying, "They can work me long, but they can't work me hard".

When You Enjoy What You're Doing like I enjoy remodeling homes, You do Not feel like you’re being rushed.

Joe Playing Piano

Remodeling a house is a lot Like Music...

I play the piano, it's soothing, relaxing, and I enjoy it tremendously.

Playing a song is not a race!

It would make no sense to rush through a song!

I wouldn't enjoy it, and my listeners wouldn't enjoy it.

So I tried it to prove my point!

I rushed through a melody on the piano and it was tense.
I played it for a friend and they said, "what the heck was that?".
That's not how the song goes!

Rehabbing is not a rush job!

Take your time, work your plan, and enjoy the remodeling process. The end result will have:

  • Better Workmanship,
  • Nicer Eye Appeal,
  • Add more value,
  • Which is a higher ROI (return on investment).

A buyer can tell when a project like a paint job was rushed, It doesn't look good! Just like a song doesn't sound good when the musician rushes through it.

Keep in mind, rushing through anything is stressful!

Accidents are likely to happen when being rushed. (Review some Safety Tips to be safe.) You wouldn't want to rush up a ladder to a second story roof would you? That kind of constant stress is "bad for the heart", as the Doctor says!

A rushed remodeling project can also turn out to be less profitable as well as unhealthy.

What Good is Wealth if your damaging your vital organs or get injured?

  • Take Your Time,
  • Make Your Plan and Work Your Plan,
  • and Enjoy Your real estate Projects.

It's taken me some time, it was a learning process, and now I can work my plan effortlessly, and you can too.

A Real Estate Plan is Not a Race!

It's a Process that I'm Persistent about!
With that mind set, every deal is a winner.

Something to keep in mind:

I've been Rehabbing for more than 30 years.
I would like to continue Rehabbing for 30 more years.
It's not a race and I don’t want to be rushed! 
It's fun and I want to take my time to enjoy everyday of it.
That's one of my Secrets to Wealth and Happiness.

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