Investor marketing for the Rehabber.
Real estate marketing tips and Who is your customer?

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Does anybody know your Open for business?

Do you have your own investor marketing plan in place?

The problem I want to address on this page is knowing the Who.

Who is your Supplier and Who is your Customer...

The Supplier is "Who" we buy or lease option properties from.

The Customer is "Who" we sell, rent, or lease option too.

Real Estate Marketing Tips

I am a Rehabber and investor marketing in my town through casual conversation.

It can be as simple as that. This is enough for my current goals.

What are your goals? How many property transactions to you want?

We must be clear on our goals before we can identify who our customer is.

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The Question is, "Who is your customer?"

The Frustrating Answers I get are:

  • The "People" want...
  • "People" are looking for...
  • "Everyone" needs...
  • This is what "They" want...
  • I'm doing this for "Them"...
  • "They" are in the market for...
  • "Everybody" has to have...
  • "Anybody" would like that...

Can you pick your customer out of the crowd?

  • - People
  • - Everyone
  • - They
  • - Anybody
  • - Them
  • - Everybody

We often generalize about who our customers are.

Successful corporations are Very Specific about who their customers are!

WHO are you talking about?

All the "Dream Building" the real estate investor guru's use to sell us real estate investing programs that are going to make us Rich, Wealthy, and Financially Independent lack one very important variable. The WHO!

There are 2 Who's with investor marketing.

1.) Who are we going to get the great deal from?

2.) Who are we going to sell or rent the great deal to?

There's no special real estate investor marketing "system" that you have to buy.

Set up your own investor marketing method that works for you.

marketing planning

My basic marketing strategy is:

  • Weekly contact with people I know
  • I keep my address book up to date
  • Casual conversation
  • Yard signs
  • Ads on the Internet

With the exception of yard signs, most of my marketing is simply a part of my daily lifestyle, talking to people.

Who is Your Customer?

Before we begin any business plan, we must identify "Who" we're going to get our properties from and who is going to buy or rent our properties.

Here are some real estate marketing tips.

First and foremost I use the all important Test Ad!

Run an ad on Craigs list and or the classifieds about what you think you will be selling or renting (before you buy) and see what type of response you get.

The response is an indication of the result you can expect "after" you buy.

As a Rehabber investing in my own neighborhood, there's an above average chance my buyers and renters are:

  • Friends
  • Family
  • Relatives
  • Co-workers
  • Acquaintances
  • and Neighbors

There is an array of real estate marketing products like

  • Postcards
  • Fliers
  • Business cards
  • Yard signs
  • News ads
  • Internet ads

to get the attention of the "WHO" you want to sell or rent to.

The What, Where, When, Why, and How, is not that difficult!

In fact, those are fairly easy tasks to do!

As long as you are willing to TAKE ACTION and Do The Work!

Here's another Major Dilemma:

- Are you Willing,
- To take Action,
- and Do the Work?

I am willing to take action to do the work that "I love to do"!

If you're like me and "Love What You Do", then we can move on.

Let's take a break and Think about this.

A quote from Earl Nightingale, "We Become What We Think About".

See Earls video The Importance of Motivation!

This is Earl's definition of what he calls "The Strangest Secret".

If you're a Rehabber like me, we think about:

  • What we love to do - Rehabbing
  • Who we can find great deals from
  • Who is going to buy or rent our properties.

It makes sense that we're going to talk about, "what we're thinking about"!

The best investor marketing for me is "Word of Mouth"!

What I'm doing gives me the Lifestyle I enjoy.

Back to Investor Marketing and Who Your Customers Are.

When you know "WHO" your customers are,

They will tell you:

  • What they want
  • When they want it
  • Where they want it
  • and Why they want it.

The How-To is where your skills come in. If you don't know the "How-To", Hire that work out!

When you know who the customers are and what they want, step up and deliver your best product and services.

What is Investor Marketing?

It's the "Who" on both sides of every great deal.

Who is going to sell to you on a lease option or give you a great deal? Who is going to buy, rent, or lease option from you?

I'm repeating myself here because this is important.

It's the "WHO" that you have to identify.

Who is your customer?

"HOW" to get that "WHO" (customer) to do business with you?

Love what you do, do that work well, be fair and honest, and you'll never run out of work. The wealth will be sure to follow!

That's Investor Marketing!

You don't have to buy another real estate investor guru program to do this!

If you're a do-it-yourself Rehabber like me and like to do just a few deals per year, we don't need a lot of customers.

Before long, I became familiar with my local neighborhood market, and have an excellent idea of who will rent or buy my next property.

If your goals are big, and you're pursuing many deals per month, then maybe your office staff and professional service providers will be doing most of the work. You can get as big as your dreams desire.

A Word of Caution about Investor Marketing

Do you want to be a Real Estate Investor, a Rehabber, or a Marketing Agent?

Many real estate investor programs like "Wholesale Buying and Selling" are more about being a Marking Agent or a Realtor® without a License!

If you want to be a Rehabber and work on properties you own like I enjoy tremendously, check out The Real Estate Marketing System. I'd rather put a great Licensed Real Estate Agent on my "Team" than become an investor marketing agent.

I do have a suggestion for real estate marketing products.

Dan Kennedy is one of the best, if not the best to learn marketing from.

If you're going to go big with properties, Dan can offer you some of the best real estate marketing tips to use in your business.

I own several of his books and am a past member of one of his Chapter Marketing memberships.

Very helpful for any size business!

Where would you like to go from here...

Would you like a Licensed Real Estate Agent contact you and use their investor marketing system without setting up your own marketing program? 

You can read more about it at Real Estate Marketing System or go right to the request form and have a Realtor® contact you.

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