Real Estate Marketing System!
Realtor® Referral, Team Building and,
Real Estate Investment Solutions.

realtor for sale sold

The Real Estate Marketing System Dilemma... 

I talk about this all the time! "Team Building"

1) Put your properties for sale in Competent (professional) Hands, To get it sold!

2) Your professional Realtor® will provide you lists of properties you can buy to make a profit on, close to your home!

Successful Realtors® have a real estate marketing system in place!
Ready to put to your advantage if you let them.

Put them on your team for your business advantage.

So you can do what you love to do in your business,

  • Rehabbing
  • Making offers
  • Managing your money
  • Working with your team
  • More Family and Free Time.

The Problem is:

Trying to be a Realtor®, without a real estate license
It's very frustrating!

Trying to save money by not hiring a Realtor® will cost you in the long run.

Of course the exception, if a deal falls in your lap - close it...
Using a Realtor® and or your Attorney is still sensible.

Put the home for sale sign in the right hands!
In the hands that have a real estate marketing system in place - For You!

realtor home for sale

If you're a real estate Investor or a Rehabber...

and have an active real estate license, by all means, you know what to do.

If you do not have a real estate license...

Aggressive Realtors® provide real estate investor solutions!

- A real estate marketing system,
- Ready available market statistics for your review,
- Contracts, Forms, Check lists, 
- A variety of real estate resources.

Yes, it's fairly easy to get a real estate license...

But the license doesn't make you: 

- A Realtor®
- A Professional salesperson
- A Negotiator
- Market savvy in your market area
- Up to date on R/E law
- Proficient on R/E contracts
- Connected with the Realtor® inner circle in your area.

Hire a Realtor® as part of your "Team Building Plan". But not just any Realtor®!

Side Note: I've heard all the complaints about real estate Agents...
It's occasionally the fault of the client not interviewing the Agent thoroughly and properly to create the all important "working relationship".

We won't discuss the "poor work" type...
That's at every level, in any trade.

If you don't like the work your Agent is providing...
Replace them! I can provide that service for you - read on.

You want an Agent with a sense of urgency to provide the service you need on a timely basis.

Here's how to get that service...

real estate referral center

This service is way better than finding a Realtor® on your own - cold turkey.

Submit to:

Joe Trometer
Have a Realtor® Contact You
First Referral Network, Inc.
39555 Orchard Hill Place
Suite 600 PMB #2197
Novi, MI 48375
Phone: (313) 937-8100

I've had my real estate license since 1981. 

Although I am not actively pursuing real estate clients for in person services.

I am providing a referral service that respects a higher level of service for you.

There is no cost or obligation for this service.

You are not obligated to work with the Realtor® referred to you, 
You simply agree to talk with them

The Big Benefit

Real Estate firms offer different levels of service. They have a working real estate marketing system already in place!

If you call a real estate company directly, it is possible you will the get the "agent on the floor". That agent could be very experienced or have no experience at all. Successful Agents rarely do "floor time" (answer the phone for cold-call ins) because they're occupied working with clients everyday.

When our company places a referral for you, 

- We are repeat business and receive a higher level of service,
- We try to match you with an experienced, full time Realtor®,
- That's a higher level of service and experience for you!
- Not happy with that Agent? Send me an email... Contact Me and I can arrange interviews with an alternate Realtor® to fit your service requirements.

Through my affiliation with the "Referral Center", we can work with any real estate company in North America, Mexico, and Canada.

Even better, because of their experience and the huge amount of business the Referral Center handles, our Realtor® referrals are normally able to provide a higher quality of service to the buyers and sellers all at no additional cost to you.

It is truly a 'win/win' program!

realtor team

That's me, Joe-the-rehabber in the photo on the phone, a day in the office.

What many people don't realize, is that real estate firms offer different levels of service.

Most companies offer a much higher level of service to corporate transferees and other repeat sources of business.

Major companies will normally receive a higher level of service for their employees than a normal person just calling into a real estate office.

We are able to tap into this higher level of service for you because we place a lot of business with the brokers! 

To take advantage of this higher level of service, click the link below and fill out the form.

Give complete and specific detail on what service you need and I'll have a licensed real estate Agent, Realtor®, or Broker in your area contact you if not today, within 24 to 48 hours.

Tap into the real estate marketing system and feel the release of pressure of doing this all alone.

Click the Referral Center Link below,
Fill out and submit the form.

This is a real time saver from having to call several offices and interview several Realtors®.

Realtor® Referral Form - Click Here

There is one more real estate marketing system to add.

Your "personal" real estate marketing system.

You still want a Professional Realtor® on your Team...
Their real estate marketing system is advanced and dynamic.

As you grow, you'll be on stage! Family, friends, neighbors, peers, co-workers, and on-lookers will see you "Actively" Rehabbing Properties!

They will ask you what you're doing! 
They will walk up to you on your projects to inquire!
They will see you in public with your tools and equipment...

2 Things to have with you at all times

1) A business card and or a small flier.
2) A pen and paper to collect their name, phone number, and email address.

Build a list!

These inquiring folks are impressed with you! That's why they came up to you and asked what you're doing.

This list of people are future buyers, sellers, renters, private money lenders, and referrals.

Keep in touch with them...

Send them an email or give them a call once in a while.
There may be a few candidates on the list that can work for you, or work with you.

Building your team and your list is the model of, "surrounding yourself with successful people" and followers.

It's your business and you're the Leader - right!

Center of Influence

An Owner of a Company is the leader and center of influence...
The Owner is the employer followed by employees, customers, vendors, and contractors.

As a Rehabber / Real Estate Investor the position is similar to the Owner of the Company, except you may not have employees. 

There will be "Your Team" of professional service providers, contractors, and suppliers. 

Then there will be some followers, or maybe just on-lookers...

They see your work and refer you, 
by word of mouth, 
they support your business because they know you, 
they like you, 
because you've been helpful to them, maybe by just inviting them in to see your rehab project.

I mention this often throughout the Ask-The-Rehabber® site...

- Building relationships
- Building your team

And "You're the Leader!"

It's about bringing people together for "Action", 
to get something accomplished, 
for a cause, 
for business, or a function. 
Help and be helped - and Grow your Business.


Your Real Estate Marketing System.

Fill out the Realtor® Referral Form and have a Professional Realtor® contact you.

Now you are armed with a dynamic real estate marketing system your Professional Realtor® can plug you in to.

2) Start collecting names, phone numbers, and emails to build your list.

3) Have a business card or small flier to pass out when people approach you on your job site - - - and they will approach you while you're Rehabbing properties.

Where would you like to go from here...

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