Seven Day Eviction Notice

by Bob

I have paid my rent on time, every time, since I rented my apartment 6 months ago.

My landlord has issued me five, seven day eviction notices, after I pay my rent.

The landlord says, "I want to keep you on alert, in case you make a mistake".

I feel this is landlord-harassment!

I paid a full months rent, on time, and my landlord wants me to move out in 7 days.
Then he said, "good luck getting your security deposit back".

I have a wife and children to think about.
This is a three bedroom home and I've been maintaining the yard and taking care of the house. I haven't given him any reason to need to evict me.

After six months, the landlord said, "you have an outstanding debt of fifteen hundred dollars, I don't trust you".
He new I had a past due debt when I was approved for the rental unit. Why is he bringing this up after six months?

He also comes knocking at my door at least twice weekly,
without notice,
and says he has to come into my home and inspect it.

I heard of the six-month inspection on rental units!

I've never heard of a two times per week inspection.

No matter what the landlord says, I don't know what the real reason why he wants to evict me. I wish he would just tell me the truth, I'm sure I can satisfy the problem, if there really is one!

I realize now that I'm going to have to move.
I don't want to be continuously harassed by a nosy landlord.
This is causing stress for me, my wife, and my children.

The landlord has over two-thousand dollars of my current rent and security deposit. I don't have an extra two-thousand to go out and rent another apartment and let this guy steal my security deposit.

I know my option is to get an Attorney, take my landlord to Court, plead my case, and hope for the best.
I would have to take time off work, and just the thought of going to Court make my wife and me very uncomfortable.

My second option would be to see if the landlord is going to summons me to Court after the seven day eviction notice is up, show up in front of the Judge, and see what he says.

If this fifth eviction notice is another bluff,
I could not pay my next months rent payment,
then he would have to give me another eviction notice,
go to Court,
then move within the allowed time the Judge gives us...

...Then this would make me the guilty party!

This is not right!

I pay my rent on time and take care of my rental unit!

Any suggestion would be helpful - Thanks.

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I dont think they can do that
by: sydneyvan2

I'm not a lawyer or anything but I don't think they can give you eviction notices just to keep you on your toes and make sure you pay.

I have been a landlord for 4 years now and have never heard of such a thing. I know that when I screen my tenants before I rent to them, I make sure everything is legal and everyone is following the rules, that's why i use

Bad Landlord
by: wayde

I normally do not tell this to a tenant,
but in this case I would suggest this tenant to tell his landlord to "get an attorney", and plan on getting ready to move.

Your landlord is nuts!

Just like a bad dating situation or marriage,
there is a time you need to leave!

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