Roof Repair

by Bud Hartford
(Westland, MI)

The Tenant never told me the house needed Roof Repair!

I went over to my rental to get a new hot water tank operational and noticed a water leak in the living room ceiling.

The tenant was aware but said, "it only leaked during heavy rains". To me, a leak is a leak!

So I went up on the roof and it appears I wasn't the only one getting up on the roof. Wasn't a squirrel either!

One of the old satellite dishes was left up there and we must have had hurricane winds to pull 2 of the 4 - 3 inch lag bolts and bend the mounting bracket over.

I would say someone either lost there balance while up there or the new dish installer was not "taking care of business".

My advice is being as inclusive as possible when writing up your lease agreement. If they choose to have a dish installed, they should watch over the installer as well as ask for permission to have this installed on your roof. Address whose going to cover the damages regardless whether it's a dish guy, a roofer for roof repair, or a painter to repair the damage from the leaks.

Before going up on the roof I knew there was a possibility of needing additional roof repair because of a ventilation issue, which contributed to nail pops, and roof boards warping.

Either way, address roof repair and all preventative maintenance issues immediately when they surface and cover those administrative issues prior to renting to a new tenant!

You have a story to share? I'd love to hear it!!!

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Prevent Roof Repair
by: Joe the Rehabber

I try to prevent roof repair by discouraging satellite dishes mounted on the roof.

First, if there is cable service in the area, I recommend that as the alternative to loosing ownership of the dish; because it becomes an attached fixture of the building.

When the tenant leaves - the dish stays!

If the tenant takes the dish at the end of the tenancy, roof repair can be charged against security deposit.

An alternative to mounting satellite dishes on the roof is to require the dish to be mounted on a pole.
The pole is anchored in the ground and doesn't attach to the house.

Anything to prevent roof repair!

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