Starting the Eviction Process

I am starting the eviction process with an evasive tenant.

I have done evictions before and successfully evicted tenants, without money issues.

This one is new for me, they are behind 3 months which is a lot of money for us.

1. Documentation - I usually get a copy of drivers license...

This tenant has been sneaky... He never gives us what we ask for.
All I have is his signature on the lease and a cell number.
To track him down and get the money owed...
What information do we need?

2. Eviction process... how do we actually get money owed to us if he skips town?

I have received judgments before but never pursued getting money due to the small amounts owed.

The house is in Riverview, they have paid the first 5 months.
We have a year lease and they never paid the security deposit... He strung us along then, like he is doing now.

Thank you

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Evasive Tenants
by: Joe the Rehabber

Start the eviction process as you have in the past, right away!

3 months is too long to wait for rent payments.

I always start the eviction process after 7 days of past due rent; that document is called the 7-day notice to quit.

Your question about evicting an evasive tenant, when all you have is a signature and a cell phone number, there is no proof that your tenant is who he says he is...

Be Careful!

The renter may not be the person he says he is!
An evasive tenant usually has something to hide, and can be skillful about getting a rental unit without providing their information.

I always use, and recommend using an Attorney on tenant evictions.

Getting some facts...

Do you have the license plate number from his vehicle? Check to see if the tenant is who they say they are!

Are they still occupying the house?

Is it SAFE to knock on the door?

An evasive tenant may be a dangerous tenant when it come time to collect rent - use precautions like having the police stand by when you knock on the door.

My Attorney will file a judgment for me to collect past due rents. Collecting the money is a different story, but the judgment will be on their record for 7 years, (more or less depending on where).

The main thing now is to start the eviction process. If it comes to it, a court order and the Sheriff will get them out, remove their belongings... in due process!

The best way to prevent this from happening is to Always Screen Your Tenants!

A completed application, copies of drivers license, social security number, and a credit check to verify everything matches.

I only give the keys to the tenants when:

  • The application is complete and approved

  • I have their credit report

  • The utilities are transferred into their name

  • The full security deposit and rents are paid

  • ... With no exceptions!

And I'm firm on the 7-day notice to quit.
7 days late on rent automatically starts the eviction process...
If the tenant wants to stay, they pay the legal costs and all rents due.

It may be somewhat expensive to use an Attorney for evictions...
But it's more expensive to loose several months rent;
that's why I'm firm on my standard procedures.

Hope this gets you started...

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If anyone has additional information on evictions,
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Joe the Rehabber

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