Breaking a Lease

by Susan

We moved to another State and leased a home over the internet.
The pictures were beautiful and the real estate property manager gave us a week of free rent, and made it sound like they were doing us a real favor.

When I arrived to my new rental home, the condition of the house was grotesque!

The house was filthy,
there are ants and mice,
the stove doesn't work,
there are two broken windows,
and the stairs are loose and unsafe!

There was trash everywhere; in the house, in the yard, in the garage, its horrible!

I already paid the deposit and first months rent in advance.

I realize now, trying to rent a home without looking at it first "in person" is a big mistake. But we have 2 small children and we couldn't handle the move without having a place to stay. Anyway...

I've called the property manager everyday since we moved in and they will not call me back!

We've already found another place to rent nearby that's clean, everything works, there's no mice, and is safer for my children.

I want to do this right! If I break my lease will I get my deposit back? Would I owe for the whole years lease? How can I break the lease if the property manager won't call me back?

I would appreciate any suggestions you can offer.

Thank you.

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Break a Lease
by: Joe Trometer

If the property manager is not responding to your calls, the only way you'll be able to further
contact them is through the mail.

Where did you send your rent payment to?

That address will be your starting point.
Send your complaints and request to that address with a certified letter with proof of service.

However, if the manager won't respond to you by phone, they probably won't respond to you by mail either.

In my opinion, if you want to get out of there quickly, I would use an Attorney.

If money is problem, search for free legal service to expedite this.

An Attorney would be able to handle this matter quicker if you're unable to to locate the property manager yourself.

Note: I am not an Attorney, and recommend contacting an Attorney.

Be Prepared with the complaints against your Landlord.

Take photos of every deficiency you have described,
make a written list of all the problems,
plus all the written documentation you
received including the lease,
and consider an Attorney to resolve this for you.

You may be entitled damages if the company misrepresented what they were offering you,
but that's only a guess on my part.

Wish I could help more,

Joe Trometer

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