Bedroom Painting Ideas

Natural Wood Moldings

Natural Wood Moldings

I'm stuck on my bedroom painting ideas because of the moldings have been painted over so many times (this is an old house remodel), it looks terrible.

I've already painted the bedroom a couple years ago but the paint has chipped off in thick paint pieces from that old molding.

So here's my idea to repaint the bedroom... again.

I'm thinking about replacing the door, window, and baseboard moldings and installing with new molding.

Still trying to decide on what type of molding to use?

- Nice wood with a nice style for a clear coat.

- or

- The cheap plastic molding that looks like wood.

I'm going with a very light green pastel color for the walls,
and a white ceiling. It matches my bedspread, carpet, and curtains.

Last time I painted the moldings with a slightly darker shade of the green and it looked pretty good.

I'm fed up with those molding now.

Anyone have any good bedroom painting ideas to get that ugly molding and trim taken care of?


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