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Counter sink cut out

There is more excitement about Old House Remodeling than ever before!

Old Style Construction makes a home remodeling project interesting and is worthy of the challenge. 

Old houses and buildings have character in the woodwork and floors that I look forward refinishing.

Old house remodeling is rewarding for me, maybe you enjoy it too. It's work I can take pride in and I enjoy the few compliment I get. Okay, I love the compliments to be honest.

Refinishing moldings and trim to maintain the old style charm is what gets noticed the most by my friends and family.

Kitchen cabinets are easy to replace.

If the old cabinets aren't worth saving, new pre-made cabinets are less expensive these days and are not very heavy. I was able to install all the cabinets seen in the photos by myself and saved $2,500 on labor.

I updated the plumbing, added the ground fault protected (GFI) plug receptacles, a new ceramic tile floor, and with the new appliances and counter top my completed kitchen was under $5,000 dollars.

Behind the scene was having an electrician install a new 100 Amp breaker panel.

Adding a water softener improves the quality of water to protect the new plumbing fixtures,
enhances the water quality for bathing,'s a great selling feature!

Do it Yourself Remodeling is extremely popular today!

Everywhere you go there is a Home Depot or a Lowe's with a full parking lot. Remodeling can be a great pastime and no matter what profession your in! Many of us like a home improvement project to make our homes nicer and increase value.

The more you do, the better you get!

Most projects are fairly easy; they can be time consuming and sometimes frustrating when you don't know the tips and tricks. With a little planning and a simple how-to book; old house remodeling can turn into big profits and pleasure. That's how I became a rehabber.

Rehabber kitchen before remodel

Before and After

The Kitchen


Rehabber kitchen after remodel

Home Improvement on my own home is how I got the bug.

Real Estate Investors and Rehabbers generally get started into the business of Old House Remodeling by making simple repairs on their homes, then home improvement projects. It is very contagious because next comes Creative Home Remodeling until you've done all the home improvement you can do on your home.

I've been doing this since 1977 so maybe I can help you if you have a question, click on Rehabber Answers to Questions.

I started on my first home repairs and enjoyed it so much I never quit and I'm still an active remodeler today. With old house remodeling comes a lot of satisfaction to see what I can make of it, and better yet, "what it has made of me"!

House Rehab is more extensive than home improvements.

Old house remodeling can turn into a major house rehab project unexpectedly as you uncover wall material, crawl up into the attic, or discover foundation defects. Be sure to do a complete home inspection before you buy a house to rehab.

Rehabbers on the other hand are not satisfied with just a paint and carpet or simple fix and flip project (although if the price is right we take them). As a Rehabber, we have the tools and experience to buy the projects no body wants, at rock bottom prices, to turn a reasonably fair profit.

Demolition in some form or another is always involved on a house rehab project. And the fun begins! House rehab is something you look for, not something you want to find out by accident after you purchase a property.

HOME INTERIOR REMODELING can become very extensive without self-control.

Two Considerations...

1. Remodeling your home to live in.
2. Remodeling a house to sell or rent.

Home interior remodeling for your home is only limited to your budget and desire to make changes to your personal tastes.

A Rehabber is after return on invested dollars and time. There are always exceptions to the rule when deciding what to remodel versus simple repairs.

CLEAN, SAFE, FUNCTIONAL, minor updates, and a little curb appeal, is enough to get it sold or rented for a fair and reasonable profit!


Is a must know before start your home improvement projects or get into old house remodeling!

For your residence, before you start your project, do your homework; get the estimates, shop for pricing on the materials, and match your home remodeling costs to your budget.

The BIG MISTAKE here is starting a project or buying a property without knowing what the costs are before we begin... and I'm talking from experience. 

It's the excitement, pure optimism and visualizing a beautiful and wonderful outcome, and jumping into action without planning.

COMPLETION IS THE END GOAL, getting started and not finishing happens all to often. Check lists and a "Scope of Work" are the tools that are helpful to make your project affordable within a reasonable time frame.

Old house remodeling is fun and exciting! With proper planning it's very profitable and a sure way to build wealth.


Helpers, Handyman and Handywomen, Contractors, Service Providers, Lenders, and when you lend money. 

With old house remodeling, rehabbing, home improvements, put the work you want done in writing in the form of a "Scope-Of-Work" and get a written cost and time frame of the work your paying for, from your provider.

IMPORTANT... This takes the guess work out, so you can plan your budget and your profits. 

It way to common and easier to skip the remodeling contracts in haste to get the project moving... Big Mistake!

Rehabbing real estate is a Skilled Trade! Plan it out!

Plan every step:

  • From setting up your business
  • To the purchase of your property
  • The remodel, repairs and maintenance
  • The carrying costs
  • The sale or renting of
  • And the accounting for your tax return

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