A Little Help From Joe the Rehabber

by Ron
(Detroit, Mi)

Hey Joe

I just wanted to thank you for all the tips and tricks that you have shown me. Because of you and help from others I am able to do remodeling, and new construction jobs. I now work for myself.

I just did my first big job. I turned a laundry mat into a dance club. Its amazing how much your wisdom can strengthen wise. When the project is complete I'll send you some pics.

Thank you,
Ron S.

by Joe the Rehabber

Thank you Ron for letting me know of your success... Great Job!

A little help goes a long way when you're brainstorming your projects with fellow real estate rehabbers.

Real Estate Rehabbers are unique breed!

We love the work and the results of a project from using our creative minds.

We do the work many folks like to talk about or hire out to contractors.

Turning a laundry mat into a dance club is a great example of rehabbing an outdated building into a modern and usable property.

From your persistence and hard work, I can say you are Officially a Real Estate Rehabber.

Help and be helped...

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help other rehabbers,
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Keeping in touch with other rehabbers is
the best motivation...
...By knowing we're rehabbing properties just like you, even though we may be a long distance from each other.

All the Best,

Joe the Rehabber

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