Free Resource for Real Estate Rehabbers

by Sheeka
(Ohio, USA)

Hi Joe!

I just wanted to say "Thank You" for putting together such a great "free" resource for all real estate rehabbers to use.

But most of all,

I wanted to reach out to you and say "Thank You" for speaking out about the Help-and-be-Helped model that we all need to follow ...

I've been saying it forever and so it's really nice to see other people in your industry that feel the same way!

So koodles to you and I hope that one day, we have the opportunity to meet!


Thank you Sheeka for taking notice of my effort on to bring fellow real estate investors and do it yourself home remodelers together.

For our visitors, Sheeka is referring to the page on this site called Rehabber Help.

I wrote this article from my personal experience of swapping labor with fellow real estate investors to reduce overhead costs of hiring employees.

Many of us investors do not run a full time business to afford hiring skilled trade employees with the overhead costs of payroll, liability and health insurances, or the office personnel to manage a full time business.

The "Help and Be Helped" model suggests helping a friend, a neighbor, a family member, and or fellow investor acquaintances with a home remodeling project.

I realized a few hours to assist someone on heavy lifting projects, special skilled-trade projects, etc., has many rewards and creates an overall good feeling!
Not to be mushy or over sensitive, I'm talking about pride in workmanship no matter who's projects we're fortunate to work on.

A Special Thank You...

Thank you to my friends that have helped me throughout the years, for a few hours, over a couple of days at a time. I always return the favor with like kind help and my appreciation, Plus...

The Benefits Are Huge!

  • Camaraderie

  • Motivation

  • Friendships and Relationships

  • Support and Encouragement

  • Satisfaction

  • Sharing Work and Experience

Helping out a friend has tremendous rewards... Share Your real estate success story with thousands of Ask The Rehabber® visitors to pump up your motivation.
This is just what I needed to keep me motivated too!

It's No Fun Alone!

My motivating statement is," It's no fun alone".
Remodeling houses or investment properties are time consuming projects that can take weeks or several months to complete.

Although I've adjusted to working alone on total house restorations, an occasional friend lending a hand is always welcome.
Returning the favor on one of their projects, to me, is fun like playing golf together. may be a free resource for real estate rehabbers however, writing the articles on home remodeling, real estate investing, and landlord methods, motivates me to stay highly productive!

It's nice to know this site is helpful to motivate you too!

Enjoy Your Remodeling Projects,

Joe Trometer

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