Violations of Lead Renovation Rule

by Joe Trometer

Hazardous Materials - Hazmat

Hazardous Materials - Hazmat

As a subscriber to Qualified Remodeler, the May 16th article about a home renovator facing penalty for Violations of the EPA Lead Renovation Rule is something to take notice!

After taking the EPA Certified Renovator Training Course, it was alarming to me to add this Lead Based Paint category to the website!

Read the full article Violations of Lead Renovation Rule, to protect yourself from EPA Penalties , and more importantly to protect infants and young children that are vulnerable to lead based paint exposure and poisoning from the toxic dust caused during home remodeling where lead based paint exists.

Although the EPA is not funded sufficiently enough to send environmental work safety inspectors to every remodel and renovation project...

...Building contractors who follow the lead renovation rule,
and or any citizen commonly equipped with smart phones and cameras,
can quite simply capture a video of unsafe work practices,
and post them to social media sites like You Tube.

The EPA does follow through on tips that identifies violations of Lead Renovation Rule.
The Qualified Remodeler article indicates, "The importance of high-quality tips" on reporting renovation and rehabbing contractors violating the Rule.

A Step Further...

Do-it-yourself home remodeling on our home, at this time,
does not fall under the Lead Renovation Rule!

I do recommend following the safe work practices of the RRP requirements during our do-it-yourself home projects for three reasons:

1)To prevent exposure to our self, family, and guests.

2)To avoid contaminating our homes, for resale, in the future.

3)To provide a safe environment for the future owners of our homes when we sell.

Lead Testing on home sales may not be as popular as home inspections are!
Lead Testing will eventually become the standard as awareness grows from articles like this Violations of Lead Renovation Rule circulate the news and websites.

The Certified Renovator Training Manual has a profound statement...
Now You Know

In my opinion,
from the comments I've heard among home remodeling contractors and real estate investors,
is the concern of additional costs of remodeling,
and the cost of additional remodeling equipment,
to execute a fast home rehab.

The oversight is:

The workers are subject to concentrated contaminates during the renovation!

The Lead Renovation Rule is not only important for the occupants of the completed home remodel or building renovation,
its extremely important for the workers like you and me.

Looking Good In A (Hazardous Materials) Hazmat-Suit!

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