Respirator Fitting

by Joe

The EPA-RRP Rule says I can't use the respirators
I've been using for more than 30 years!

In order to work on my apartments and continue
remodeling houses I had to take the "Certified Renovator" class
because my apartments are older than 1978.

And the cheap deals for home remodeling are the
old house remodeling projects I enjoy and profit well on with my real estate investing.

I had a respirator fitting in 1977 in the factory and
a gas mask fitting in the military... I know how to wear a respirator!
That doesn't Qualify!

New EPA-RRP Rules

I have to have a "Respirator Fitting" and proof or a certificate (I don't know yet),
on the jobsite while working on Target Housing that contains lead.

I usually work alone however,
if I do have a helper or need to hire a subcontractor,
everyone on the job site must be trained as a certified renovator
and have proof of their respirator fitting.

It's been a tough go to get fitted for a respirator...

  • 1st the Doctors appointment.

  • That included a breathing test.

  • My Doctor referred me to a Occupational Doctor for a consult.

  • The Occupational Doctor doesn't do respirator fittings!

  • Chest X-rays

  • So far - a 2 week process

Once I get the 2 Doctors' okay, I should get a permission slip
for a Respirator fitting.

Who Does the Respirator Fitting?

Well, I haven't got that far yet!

The instructor for the "Certified Renovator" course says his
Company charges $3,000 to get fitted for a respirator whether it's
for one person or a contractor's whole crew.
I don't want to pay that!

So... the instructor stated that OSHA does respirator fittings at no charge.

I'll let you know when I find out.

Joe the Rehabber

P.s. Has anyone completed the Respirator Fitting Process yet?

We need to here from you...... click the link below and please let us know.

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Doctors Approval for a Respirator
by: Joe

It took 3 Doctor visits to get my approval to be fitted for a respirator to wear during lead based paint removal that's required by the EPA-RRP Rules for part of the documentation we are required to be a Certified Renovator.

My Primary Care Physician was not familiar with this new law!

I explained to the Doctor that wearing a face mask or respirator during home remodeling construction does restrict breathing to some extent.

As explained in the Certified Renovator Course, there are people who may have medical problems such as asthma that could cause a serious complication, even death.

My Primary Care Physician referred me to an Occupational Health Doctor who admitted he was unfamiliar with approvals for respirator fittings, nor was this his area of expertise.

The Occupational Health Doctor referred me for a consult with a Toxicology Industrial Medical Doctor to attempt in directing me in the right direction for the Doctor's Approval to get fitted for a respirator.

In order to see the Toxicologist, I needed a referral from my Primary Care Physician,
who now had time to research what type of approval I needed for the respirator fitting, needed to work with the lead based paint dust contamination, that occurs during old house remodeling.

Finally, my Primary Care Physician provided me with the Doctor's approval for a respirator fitting and I didn't have to see the Toxicologist.

It took 3 Doctor visits to get a Doctor's note, only to get fitted for the Respirator
over the course of 4 weeks.

Talk about "jumping through the hoops", paying Doctor's fees, and the time it took just to comply with what should have been the easiest step to comply with the new EPA-RRP Rules.

It's going to be a lengthy process for me, as a do-it-yourself real estate investor doing home remodeling on old houses, and doing maintenance on my apartments, to get set up to comply with all the new EPA-RRP Rules.

Getting out of the Old House Remodeling business and moving into homes built in 1979 and newer is definitely a consideration.

However, if you're in this business, the Government has $-Millions in Grant Money to award Contractors working in Target Housing in certain Cities.

If you have a Crew, this is newly created work that generates cash flow, and several Contractors that I know are tapping into this new work resource.

We sure would like to hear your comments, or start a new topic with lead bases paint certified renovation by clicking the links below.


by: Anonymous

And some wonder why America is crumbling... my hat is off to you Joe for doing something you love that combats the export of productivity in the United States while tolerating the nonsense that stifles that productivity.

I love America. I hope in the long run we may beat the bureaucrats before they completely destroy it.

Kudos to you Joe!

by: Anonymous


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