Doctor Approval for Respirator Fitting

by Joe

It's easier to get fitted for Bong,
if you know what I mean,
than it is to get a Doctor's approval for a respirator fitting.

So far, 2 Doctors are unfamiliar with the
EPA-RRP Rule requiring a Doctors approval
to get fitted for a respirator,
to protect myself when I'm doing
home remodeling that contains lead paint,
so I don't breath in the lead dust from demolition.

Technically I'm out of work until I have the
required paperwork to prove I can wear a respirator.

...The Run Around...

1st Doctor

My Primary Care Physician is not familiar with respirator fittings,
because the EPA-RRP Rule is so new,
and referred me for a consult with a work related Physical Therapist,
who is the 2nd Doctor.

The 2nd Doctor

The Physical Therapist.
Nice Doctor, but an approval to get a respirator fitting
wasn't his specialty. He is referring me to a 3rd Doctor.

Before I can see the 3rd Doctor...

I have to go back to the 1st Doctor, my Primary Care Physician,
so he can approve the 2nd Doctor's suggestion,
to go to a 3rd Doctor who is a specialist in Toxicology.

...Still Running...

So I hand carried the 2nd Doctor's referral for the 3rd Doctor,
back to my 1st Doctor for approval.
That's how my insurance company works.
I can't go to a Doctor unless my Doctor refers me.

Of course, the 1st Doctor wasn't in,
He's busy with his patients.
Okay, I understand that.

While I'm having patients,

I'm waiting for my 1st Doctor's approval,
to approve the 2nd Doctor's referral,
to go to a 3rd Doctor,
to get fitted for a respirator,
so I can get back to work!

I could have remodeled an entire kitchen,
by my self (I'm a do-it-yourself home remodeler),
in the time it takes,
to legally be allowed to do,
what I've been doing for decades.

So what's a Bong?
A smoking apparatus for marijuana.
That's only a 1 Doctor visit - so I hear.

Waiting 2 more weeks for the 3rd Doctor

... I'll let you know.


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