Staging Products
for Staging Real Estate Homes

yard sale

Do it yourself staging products are easily found at at Deep Discounts!

Displays and props for staging houses can be just about any home decorating product or piece of furniture; and nothing says it has to be new!

Used furniture can be renewed, covered, and deodorized to make that feeling of home presentation!

Bargain Hunters look everywhere:

The Yard sale
Garage sales
Flea markets
Antique shops
Sidewalk sales
Second hand shops
Thrift shops
Discount furniture stores
Estate sales
Moving sales
Classifieds ads
Internet sites

flea market

Contact your friends and family to spread the word on what staging products your looking for.

Check your local bulletin boards, some stores still have them.

Ask around at your work. 

Co-workers can spread the work quickly to help you find inexpensive staging products you can use to display any home for sale.

This Activity Also Promotes the Sale!

Must Read. This is "Networking" at its finest! The act of looking for staging props and furniture, to sell your home or investment house, is letting many people know that you are looking to buy some household items (staging products) to sell something (sell a house).

Word of mouth travels fast!

Prepare a flier to show and tell!

Show everyone you can a picture of the house you are selling to ask them if they have or know anyone that may have anything you could buy, rent, or borrow to display your home for sale.

Selling these items at the "Open House" is an added creative promotion to draw attention to yourself and your property(s) for sale.

Staging Real Estate

Familiar examples are how stores and restaurants find antiques and artifacts anywhere from garage sales to flea markets for use as staging products for their business theme.

You can do the same thing.

Find and use staging props to set up your house for sale to make conversation with your buyers. People will buy - From people they like!

When someone likes what you've done with staging your house for sale, you increase the odds of selling your home to them dramatically!

The house size, the neighborhood, and the price range, have already been met; that's why they in your house to begin with (aside from the curious neighbors).

Staging products and displays will break the ice to open your buyers to conversation. 

The rest of the work is selling or the "salesperson skills" to carry on the conversation to a buying and decision making conversation to the closing of your sale.

Staging a house is a creative and fun process!

Just about anyone can set up home staging products to sell a house... It's like setting up your house for a family party... Clean and Decorate.

If your not up to the task of being the salesperson, have a Realtor® contact you and put the selling process in the hands of a professional.

Staging products for multiple home sales.

For the full time rehabber and real estate investor, staging a house for sale will get your homes sold faster and for the higher end of the market value.

Staging products are reusable from house to house.

A quick tip: I would prefer a storage unit to store all my staging products in between house sales. Production sales (one per month), staging displays could be moved from house to house.

Over a period of time your collection will grow and could disrupt your home when you try to store all your props in your basement, garage, and soon in your living space.

As your friends get to know what you're doing, after awhile, staging products will be offered to you cheap and sometimes free.

Before you know it, you'll become the networking hub for people to sell or give you their stuff (staging products) for pennies on the dollar. Those same people will become referrals for the homes you're selling as well.

I usually offer all the staging items as "included" with the house sale. 

When I have a kitchen table and chairs, 
a living room couch, table, and lamp,
and at least one bedroom set...
I advertise the house as a "furnished home for sale".

The buyer doesn’t always want the furniture.

Many times the buyer may want to select a few pieces to keep as a condition of the house purchase.

It can, and many times will be a deciding factor for a buyer to choose your house "with extras" over the vacant house that lacks all the creativity, imagination, and effort you put into preparing your new buyer's home... ready to move in to.

Remember to have fun.

Staging a house is about the easiest step after all the remodeling, cleaning, and de-clutter are completed. 

You can save several hundred dollars to several $1,000 by not using a staging company.

Dropping in at the occasional yard sale or flea market can drastically improve your bottom line on every house you sell.

I'm not going to suggest garbage picking, but keep your eyes open.

The staging products you need may be waiting for you at the curb on trash day. 

If you choose to, it's always polite to knock on the door and ask the owner if it's okay to select the item off their curb... Give them a dollar and it's no longer garbage picking... That's Treasure Hunting!

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