Networking At Your Local REIA Real Estate Investors Association
Meet People Like You...

Meet People Like Yourself

Join a REIA Real Estate Investors Association, 

and start networking!

WHY? Because investor organizations provide,

  • Networking
  • Education
  • Leadership
  • Professionalism

And a place for like minded individuals to share their stories and ask questions.

You can find a REIA real estate investors association in nearly every State in the U.S and many countries. If you can't find one, start one and take the lead.

Meeting people like yourself at a REIA real estate investors association will be the advantage point in your business by

  • Avoiding Mistakes
  • Enhancing Your Strategies
  • And Building Relationships.

Help and Be Helped - Rehabbers Helping Each Other

REIA real estate investors association is a great place to meet fellow Rehabbers and Real Estate Investors Who:

  • Think like you about making money
  • Buy and sell properties like you
  • Write checks and get checks like you
  • Collect rents like you
  • Have similar dreams and goals like you

Simply having a conversation with a fellow Rehabber at the membership is a big help when sharing ideas and trade secrets.

It's exciting and motivating talking about what you love to do with others, who do the same thing as you do. 

That's a win/win.

You're not alone!

There are 1000s of rehabbers and your local membership is the place to find us. Do a search for "National REIA" to find a REIA Real Estate Investors Association near you.

Joe-The-Rehabber is VP at the local REIA

First off, I don't get anything if you join your local club - - - You Do!

  • I got involved
  • Made friends and built relationships
  • Attended the Board of Directors as a Trustee
  • Until I was voted to the Vice President position
  • So I can stay on top of my game as a Real Estate Investor / Rehabber.

Simply put, the more I talk about Rehabbing, the more I want to do! A simple an true method that may work for anyone, including you!

The Best Way To Learn is to "TEACH".

You can host a meeting with people you know that have similar interests that you have.

Here's how I do it...

At the REIA meeting, I speak on Rehabbing and real estate investor topics.

I host interactive meetings with the membership as open forum discussions to raise questions. 

If I don't have the answer...

...Someone in the group usually has an experience to share. Or, I find the answer by the nest time we meet or the very next day! 

It's win/win.

It's like a huge mastermind meeting where the whole group combined is a POWER TEAM!

We bring in experts to speak and teach on our related topics. These are not gurus that sell programs...

They're professional service providers and local government officials like:

  • Building Inspectors
  • Attorneys
  • Home Inspectors
  • Insurance Agents
  • Real Estate and Money Brokers
  • Building material suppliers
  • Tax specialists
  • Marketing and advertising providers
  • And there is more at an Investor Meeting...

Anyone who can offer suggestions and strategies to teach the members to:

  • Save Money
  • Make Money
  • Save Time

And grow our businesses professionally to:

  • Build Wealth
  • Build an Asset Portfolio
  • Create multiple streams of income...

So we can enjoy the lifestyle of being a Rehabber and or a Real Estate Investor.

That's what I found at my local REIA. Getting involved as a Board Member has helped me in many ways... 

By helping other members, I continue to learn in like kind exchange .

Building Relationships at REIA real estate investors association meetings...

Some friendships are built on similar interests - wouldn't you say?

There are golfing friends, boating friends, travel friends, craft friends, and many interest groups where people get together to share the joy of their hobbies.

Real Estate Investors and Rehabbers meet at their local memberships for similar reasons. To share their enthusiasm with others doing the same thing they are.

Take that a step further... Members at the REIA tend to be business owners or starting their business with real estate. 

This is more than a hobby that costs money to enjoy. 

We're in it to make money!

NOTE: Two Types of Hobbies to Consider...

  • One that costs you Money
  • One that makes you Money

Rehabbing my home, then fixing and flipping properties, started as a hobby, that developed into my lifestyle that "makes money", and has liberated me from the employer - "freedom".

And I'm not the only one

Mastermind with REIA Members

Pick up a copy of Napoleon Hill's "Think and Grow Rich" or any book that describes the benefits of forming a mastermind group.

At your local investor group, when you meet someone who is serious like you, invite them out for a cup of coffee. Meet with them on a regular basis to discuss your Real Estate Investor / Rehabber interests.

Great things happen when you share your goals and ambitions with friends in a mastermind group. You can't help but to grow and succeed in your business because that's the power of a "Meeting of the Minds".

REIA real estate investors association is where you'll find people who want to talk about the similar interests you have.

There is another way...

You can start your conversation right here and right now and share your story with all the visitors and members to this Ask-The-Rehabber® site and start your own discussion forum.

Rehabbers, Investors, and Homeowners, can:

  • Ask Questions
  • Answer Questions
  • Ask for Help - or pay it forward and help someone!

This is a powerful resource and its free

Post your questions at Questions - Help me!

Share your story at Share Your Story

You want to be successful don't you?

Get the recognition you deserve from people you know - right?

Make the extra money for yourself and your family so you can enjoy the finer things life has to offer - don't you?...

Well, don't be shy!

Real estate is a people business.

  • Talk about your projects at a REIA meeting
  • Write about it in your own forum

This is very motivational and will cause you into action!

Click here for asking a question, and to share your story click here.

If you'd like to contact me directly, click on Joe the Rehabber and I'll help you get going to start making the extra money you know you should be making!

One Last Thing...

Keep informed with your friends and visitors at Ask-The-Rehabber® and have the Rehabber News sent to your email - it's easier and cheaper than driving to a REIA real estate investors association meeting and...

...I promise it will Keep You Motivated!

Fill in the box below now, before you forget - Thanks.

Best Regards,

Joe Trometer
aka Joe the Rehabber

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