Staging a House for Sale.
Photos of Interior and Exterior Decorations... 

home staging table

Staging a house for sale using decorative and seasonal place settings will leave an impression on your buyer.

A simple sign for the home staging table. Nothing says it like the words themselves, "HOME", in front of a tasty bowl of fruit, a plate setting for 4, and some decorative place mats.

The photo of the table uses simple products used in daily living in the home that can be purchased inexpensively at a craft shop or stores like Kmart or Target.

Be prepared to make conversation about your place setting with your buyers.

Don't be surprised when you find yourself talking more about $50.00 of decorations than the $2,500 new kitchen cabinets, and rightly so... Cabinets are cabinets, they're suppose to be there and be functional.

Decorations tap the creative mind and spark warm memories or create the illusion of the cozy kitchen breakfast experience.

See another kitchen staging display further down the page.

But FIRST...

You Have To Get Them in the House!

With - - - CURB APPEAL - - -

landscaping shrubs

Staging a house for sale starts with the curb appeal.

Invite your buyers to drive in. Nicely trimmed landscaping shrubs are one of the first visual effects your visitors will see. 

In season, the colors of the shrubs look wonderful against a plain white sided house, and the conversation begins with the type and color of the shrubs instead of "white vinyl siding"!

Another way to increase the curb appeal when staging a house for sale is to install some outdoor lighting fixtures. Solar outdoor lighting can be a great option because it's affordable and energy efficient.

In this introductory landscaping photo shot, the idea is to have the yard clean and inviting. The assumption in this section is that the house maintenance and repairs have been completed.

living room staging

Living Room Staging

Staging a house for sale does not have to be complicated.

Living room staging can be accented with simple vases and dried flowers, a book or two, and a few throw pillows to make the living room cozy and inviting to plop down, put your feet up, and relax.

The furniture can be something old, something borrowed, or something new.

A complete furniture set is not necessary!

  • A couch or a couple of chairs
  • A table or two
  • A couple of pictures
  • and some accent decorations

If the furniture is old, cover with color-matching blanket covers. It could be a borrowed couch out of a friends basement. Nick-knacks can be found at a garage sale if you don't have something of your own packed up in some boxes somewhere.

Something on display is better than a vacant space!

Engaging in conversation should be the focus when staging a house for sale. Relaxing in the home, making conversation about the selective chosen decorations, can stimulate the imagination of living in the home, and having similar warm and heartfelt conversations with family, friends, neighbors, and during the holiday get together.

bedroom staging

Bedroom Staging

Yes, having at least one bedroom staged will make a difference! Preferably the master bedroom.

Notice in the photo the slippers, the contrasting blanket across the corner of the bed, the variety of pillows, the lights are on and the greenery of the fern to make the bedroom cozy and inviting.

A book on the nightstand with a pair of reading glasses, even a fresh glass of water might create the illusion of making the bedroom their own. I wouldn't put in a clock, especially an alarm clock. Bed time stories may be a better theme of choice.

Bathroom Staging

Simple displays of white towels - clean and fresh!

Notice the bath robe offering a nice visual touch to a classy bathroom. All the lights are on, the curtains are pulled up, a flower arrangement in the corner of the tub area - Bright and Sparkly.

Add a candle, an air freshener, or scented soaps for the finishing touches...

You do Not have to decorate every room in the house extensively when staging a house for sale.

If there is more than one bathroom, stage the main or largest bathroom completely and make sure the other bathrooms are clean, deodorized, and at least have a set of towels or maybe a simple flower arrangement.

luxury kitchen

Kitchen Staging

Here is luxury kitchen photo shot that shows off a simple place setting and a tasteful center piece.

On the far counter is a small vase and flowers.

Turn all the lights on when staging a house for sale.

The kitchen photo shows the specialty cabinet lighting, the ceiling can lights, and the chandeliers over the kitchen island and the dining room.

Open the blinds and let in all the light in when the outside view is pleasant. When the window faces another house that is too close, window treatments with sheers will let the light in and obscure the neighboring house.

More Staging Thoughts...

Each room should have a focal point other than the building structure itself.

When your buyer walks into a room, they should have a place to focus their eyes.

Touch the feelings of your buyer with visual decorations so they can imagine the feeling of being at home.

Create the illusion of neat and tidy, spacious, and bright.

Adding pleasant fragrances from flowers, scented candles or air fresheners, will touch the personal senses for your buyer to imagine, making your house, their new home.

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