They Think They Have
That Fear of Commitment...
Overcoming Those Investor Fears.

Some Rehabbers have a fear of commitment!
Real estate investor fears can easily be over come with knowledge!

A few quotes to kick this off...

  • "Knowledge is the Power"
  • "Cash is King"
  • "Money Loves Speed"

Questions from: Rehabber Answers to Questions.

The Question

Biting the bullet is proving to be the hardest part.

  • I have hunted,
  • Secured finances,
  • Completed critical paths,
  • Worked in most of the required trades!

Yet... I Fear Commitment! I Can Not Buy! Woe is me.

Any suggestions?

Answer from Joe-the-Rehabber

Reply to Fear of Commitment

As experienced as I am, in the last 35 years, Every transaction gives me those describable feelings.

Is it fear of commitment? Or is it an adrenaline rush?
Is more than just - excitement?

Preparation to buy is one phase...
Preparation for after the purchase, another phase...
Preparation for after completion, a third phase...
Preparation to be a landlord in a buy and hold, a phase to consider...
Preparation for the exit strategy, still not the final phase...
What to do after the sale with the profits, is the business plan.

You've done a lot of preparation so far, the question is, for what?     What Is Your Desired Outcome?

Repeat: What Is Your Desired Outcome?

Knowing your desired outcome will remove fear of commitment and turn that into a burning desire to succeed.

On the flip side - - -

Maybe the fear of commitment you have is real.
Maybe you can not buy because you shouldn't buy!
Maybe you've gotten into real estate for all the wrong reasons?

I wouldn't say you have a fear of commitment! You've completed many of the steps already. That takes commitment and you should celebrate yourself for getting as far as you have. Congratulations!

You have persistence in you - very good.
You reached the point you planned for - that's why you only got that far.

What's the rest of your plan?

Real estate investing, Rehabbing, and land lording are big business ventures. Unless you are only going to do one house, (considered a second home) no big deal.

These contain:

  • Long term contracts and commitments,
  • Large investments,
  • large and time consuming projects,

and these are very risky commitments for the non-experienced!

I don't believe that you have a fear of commitment!
I could be convinced that you fear the unknown...
Like not knowing what will happen after you buy!
Or, Not knowing if real estate is really what you love to do?

I talk a lot people out of real estate investing!

Simply because it's not what they want to do with their life! Some are lured into real estate because of the upside profit opportunities. If that's the case, would they do anything for money???

Then there are a few who really do have the fear of commitment, and that's okay not to commit to a Rehabbing business.
Some do enjoy talking about it, that someday they might consider it because it is a very popular subject!

I was lured into real estate because I can work the skilled trades I enjoy without a boss or a customer looking over my shoulder.

- Because I like to work with my hands and tools.
- Because it's a challenge I enjoy...
- Because I have a desired outcome for my projects that others are willing to pay me for.
- I don't have that fear of commitment, I have a real fear of getting stuck with a lousy boss - and there's my motivation!

I have broken the code for many of my students...

  • They swear they want to do real estate...
  • Some have been investing in real estate for years...
  • Then after some coaching, I get to the real reason!
  • It turns out they really and truly don't like it.

Remember, as Human Beings, we can do just about anything! That doesn't mean we like it, let alone love it.

If you loved real estate investing or Rehabbing, there would be no woes! Of course there would be challenges - many of us love a good challenge.

Tell me more...

If money wasn't a problem - - If you had plenty of money...

What would you do?

Would you be a real estate Investor / Rehabber?

In my case, the more money I have, the bigger the rehabbing project can be.

More money; more upscale investing, lake front, big tools, fancy extras, high end materials, and unique design.

It is no longer a surprise to me that when I ask that question to my students, 85% of them would want to be or do anything but real estate.

The sooner we find our answer, the happier we become...

Life begins when we wake up and get to do, "what we love to do". For me, that’s being a Rehabber!

I would certainly fear committing to something I don't love to do!

And I will agree with you that, "I can not buy", if I don't like what I'm buying.

If you are still stuck, tell me what you’re thinking before you forget

Congratulations to you, it takes a lot to ask such a question!

All the best – it's yours when you work for it,

Joe the Rehabber
P.S. If you haven't seen my Lifestyle of a Rehabber and why I love what I do, click on Rehabber Lifestyle

Their Reply to my Response

Subject: RE: I fear commitment - I can not buy.

Thanks so much for your response.

You offer the answers to the Toughest Questions, and I needed someone to ask.

Q. If money was not an issue... what would I be doing with my life?

A. Easy... I would be rehabilitating properties. My "big-win-loto plan" is centered around sending friends and family on vacation so I can work on their houses. I LOVE to work.

Q. Why do I want to rehabilitate a property and then sell it?

A. I want the challenge of tackling the job. I want to improve my skills. I want to sell it so I can do it again. I hadn't even thought about making enough money to be able to do bigger jobs!

I know what I want to do. Now I just have to be brave enough to start.


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