Real Estate Investors Wanted


I'm a Realtor® looking to work with real estate investors.

I often hear of all the bank owned vacant homes in this current market are being purchased by investors, but who are these investors?

I provide excellent service to my home buyers and receive many compliments and referrals however, the majority of my buyers are first time home buyers.

I do have a few investors that are consistent with buying one or two investment homes per year and would like to develop my list of buyers.

Do you have access to a National list of real estate investors?

Can you refer investors that visit to Brokers like me in other States than which you do your real estate investing and home remodeling in?

Real estate investors wanted... Any help would be appreciated.


First off, I have a Real Estate Referral form for our visitors.
If you have further questions about that you can contact me Joe Trometer directly.

Three Types of Real Estate Investors:

  • Professional real estate investors

  • Do It Yourself real estate rehabbers

  • The "Want to Become" real estate investor beginners

1) The professional investors have their connections with banks, high volume Realtor® companies, and a list of contacts ready and willing to do business at a moments notice.

They are the experts, have the assets, and staff to work the real estate industry. These professionals are rarely heard of or in the spot light. Everything is handled in a corporate structure and their names are kept private.

Rarely would this elite investor visit a real estate investor website, although many of their subordinates will use real estate websites to market their investment portfolios.

There are plenty of investment properties for the rest of us!

2) Do It Yourself Real Estate Rehab Experts:

The skilled trade person and handymen and women who have a passion for remodeling homes for profit.

This is the category I (Joe The Rehabber) fall into with the thousands of visitors who enjoy doing home remodeling projects where over time have become very talented at the craft of rejuvenating old houses into modern and affordable homes for home buyers.

3) Beginner real estate investors tend to get lured into this business (and it is a business);

from the glamor of the potential wealth,

by examples of,

the success professional real estate investors have earned.

I know many beginner real estate investors who've dedicated themselves to learning this business and have become quite successful, including myself.

Bottom Line:

Real Estate Investors Wanted...

I have worked and provided my Realtor® services to the category (2) and (3) type investors above.
Category (1) investors are in a league of their own I've yet to prospect for.

As with any business:

  • A sound marketing strategy

  • Relationship building

  • Constant List Building and follow-up

Are the basic fundamentals to develop a Contact List to find investment buyers,

to offer the great deals we find,

to those ready and willing to buy properties from us.

A Local business is marketing in our neighboring geographical area where we are able to work with people in person, is most common!

A Nation Wide business expands the level of marketing that exceeds the level of work many local business people are willing or able to expand into.
However with the internet and real estate investor websites, this market is more reachable now more than ever!

At this time, Ask-The-Rehabber® is yet to develop contact lists of Brokers and Investors.

This website has grown from questions and interest of the thousands of visitors participating in the forums and contacting me personally, however, anything is possible.

All suggestions are accepted to provide the best service, techniques, and strategies on how to Do-It-Yourself home remodeling and real estate investing.

I hope this answers your question and am open to your suggestions.

Joe Trometer

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