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Kitchen Makeovers for the Best Return on Investment (ROI).

The family kitchen is the central hub of a home. We eat 3 times per day; a family of 5 would be preparing 15 meals per day, not including snacks!

Food gives us energy! So... the kitchen is our energy source location in the home. Put some feeling into it...

There is a lot of family time in the kitchen; from holidays to doing homework at the kitchen table. Parents are teaching their kids how to cook and maybe newlyweds are toasting to a quite evening in their new home.

Kitchen makeovers can make for a lifetime of wonderful memories.

First Choice

Kitchen makeovers should be the first consideration in Rehabbing a home and where the most money should be budgeted. It is the most important room in the house, next is the bathroom.

We spend a lot of time in the kitchen, it's a showplace for our guests when entertaining!

When flipping houses, potential home buyers are going to look closely at the kitchen (and bathrooms) and may be the determining factor of a sale unless the buyer has additional money to invest in their own kitchen remodel.

inexpensive kitchen remodel

Kitchens for Rentals

Luxury Kitchens further down...

Kitchen makeovers for rental units can be an inexpensive kitchen remodel. The kitchen should be clean, have a basic cabinet set, inexpensive appliances when provided, everything should work and should pass building safety code inspections.

Rehabbing a Kitchen can get pretty stressful, and for some of us, is even downright confusing. There is plenty to keep track of. If you're having a little bit of trouble knowing where to start, here's some information that might help you with your kitchen makeover.

Basic Functions

  • Running water and Drains
  • Cabinets for storage
  • Refrigeration
  • Cooking appliances
  • Preparations surfaces
  • Eating and seating areas

    Electrical, plumbing, and mechanical venting are the behind the scene services that connect everything together.


There are lots of choices, and plenty of aesthetics you can use in a new kitchen. Locking in on a budget will speed up the process on kitchen makeovers by not wasting time looking at all the choices on unaffordable materials.

The budget can range from $3,000 to $50,000 or more.

bright kitchen

A bright kitchen can really lift the spirits. Basic white cabinets are less expensive, brighten up the kitchen, and makes morning coffee with the sunrise especially appealing.

Now... A clean modern look that relies on classic design elements is a practical choice. 

It won't go out of style and isn't full of clutter. 

In kitchen makeovers of this type, there's nothing to get in the way, and the lines are simple. 

This clean, bright, uncluttered look is one that you'll almost certainly want to use if your priority is a later sale and you want to keep the budget low.

Kitchen Cabinets Decisions

On a kitchen renovation that's not destined for resale, designing the kitchen to your personal taste and lifestyle is extraordinarily rewarding! 

As mentioned above, you're going to be in the kitchen several times per day, and live there for many years. 

Higher quality cabinets with a finish you will enjoy looking at everyday are not easily changed out. Be very selective on your cabinets, just about everything else can be changed out relatively easy.

Luxury Kitchen

A luxury kitchen starts with the cabinets, is highlighted with fancy granite counter tops, and higher end appliances bring it all together. The lighting accents all the features in the luxury kitchen.

luxury kitchen

Kitchen Makeovers Focus on Kitchen Cabinet Replacement.

The cabinets will be the dominant color element in most kitchens. Neutrals are classic, but can be boring. This is why many people choose to liven their kitchen makeovers up with a little bit of color in the cabinetry. Just don't overdo it, or your kitchen will seem hectic, rather than relaxing.

Higher quality cabinets (more expensive) will hold up over time and give you the most return on your investment. They should be easy to reach into and easy to open and close.

Consider that cabinets aren't the only option! Open shelves are also popular in kitchens with an antique theme. Also, hiring a cabinet maker versus buying standard kitchen cabinets can bring a whole new dimension for kitchen makeovers.

Kitchen Appliances

Appliances are the second biggest choices for kitchens.

Appliances are not permanently attached to the walls like the kitchen cabinets are.

  • Refrigerators
  • Stoves
  • Microwaves
  • Dishwashers

Can be upgraded at a later date to save money on the initial kitchen renovation.

When the old appliances are still in working condition, re-use them to avoid going into debt and paying interest on that new debt! Then replace them one at a time when you have the cash to purchase them.

This is a huge money saving strategy to get your kitchen remodel done affordable, without added interest on debt, and spend the money where the biggest rewards are, in the kitchen cabinets and updated construction where necessary.

Green Kitchens

Saving energy is all in the appliances. Look for the "Energy Star Rating" if you live in the U.S. 

Your appliance dealer will be able to explain your cost savings on each appliance. There is nothing physically different about the appliances, just the amount of energy they use.

Lighting Aesthetics

Lighting is very important! The amount and type of light in your kitchen will have a huge effect on how pleasant it is for you and others to use. 

Avoid blocking windows, and install quality task lighting above work areas. It might not seem like a big deal, but you'll appreciate focused specialty lighting in your kitchen makeovers later on.

Lighting accent points to consider:

  • Above the sink
  • Above the stove
  • Below and Above the cabinets
  • Above the eating areas
  • For the food preparation areas
remodeling kitchens electrician

Remodeling Kitchens Electrician Planning

Added expense for the electrician to install switched plugs 

for above, below, or inside the cabinets is a minimal expense considering the pleasure specialty lighting will give you for years to come.

The electrical work is completed before the cabinets are installed so add this to your checklist and at least get the estimate from your electrician.

As mentioned above, appliances can be replaced at a later date to save money. Accent lighting is costly to add after kitchen makeovers are completed. When money is tight, get the specialty lighting installed, and buy the new refrigerator next year.

Buyers are getting more and more savvy too! So they'll be looking at the lighting of a prospective home as well. Appliances are not always included in a home sale, but the special effects of the lighting will be noticed.

Be safe, plan for the expense, call your electrician and at least give him the opportunity to give you an estimate. I'm confident the electrician will have some appealing suggestions to maximize all kitchen makeovers.

Rental Units

Return on investment is very hard to achieve with a debt load on rental units. Specialty lighting, custom cabinets and expensive appliances will not give you the ROI with lower rental rate areas. 

A switched light above the sink, and the main light for the kitchen makeovers in apartments suffice just fine.

Pre-made, off the shelf finished oak kitchen cabinets at places like Home Depot and Lowe's can be purchased for under $2,000 for a complete set. That's very inexpensive to complete new kitchen makeovers in apartments to attract Renters and keep your apartments full - and beat out your competition!

For the do it yourself type, remodeling kitchens in your apartments can be achieved under $5,000 on complete kitchen makeovers, including the appliances. I would spend any more than that, and it's a beautiful crisp and clean kitchen - ceramic included!

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