Finding Properties


The problem I'm having is: Finding Properties.

I would like to Buy a House on a Lease-Option,
on a 5-year Lease,
with $2,500 down payment.

I am interested in a 4 to 5 bedroom home, 3-bathrooms,
in a nice quiet area where there is No Flooding during the rainy days.

What areas do you buy that I am in?

I'm looking for Florida properties.


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Some websites I can suggest for finding a home!
by: Anonymous

Hope that helped a bit! It's always better to scope out the neighborhoods you had in mind as well, it gives you a feel for the area and you get to see the potential home first hand!

How to Find Properties
by: Joe the Rehabber

Finding properties does take some research on your part!

I don't have any of my own properties in your area, but I can help you find one.

It's no different than finding anything we want to buy.

Like buying a car,
we don't just buy the first one we see for sale - right?

The best way how to find a properties for sale or with a lease / option falls into 2 categories:
  • From a Licensed Sales Person

  • From a private seller

Buy it from a Store or Office location...

Buy from the classified ads...

With real estate, my first step is to check what's on the market at a real estate office.

The best service usually comes from a referral!

If you're not working with a Realtor®,
I'll be happy to refer one to you in your area.

I'll personally let them know exactly what you're looking for!

Click on Find a Realtor®,
fill out the form,
and I'll have someone contact you in 1 to 3 days.

How to find properties from private sellers.
  • Check local classified ads

  • Search the web like Craigs List

  • Drive the neighborhood looking for yard signs

  • Is there a real estate investor club in your area?

  • Talk to local Landlords

  • Place an ad advertising that your looking for a property to buy or lease / option.

For me,
it saves me the most time,
I get the quickest results,
working with a local real estate agent!

If you haven't contacted one yet,
click on Find a Realtor®,
fill out the form,
and I'll have an Licensed Agent contact you.

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